What is
Huber. FestivalGo?

Learn about Japanese Matsuri from locals.

We have welcomed many customers to Japan from other countries through “Huber.”, which connects travelers visiting Japan to Japanese local guides. We discovered that many travelers are interested in Japanese festivals. However, there is no website that tells the detailed information of Japanese festivities in English. Even though there are local guides who can take you there, we think that many travelers are missing wonderful experiences because of the lack of information on the internet.

Therefore, we set up Huber.FestivalGo in order to disseminate the information of Japanese festivals fascinatingly for travelers visiting Japan.

Since festivals are important events for locals as rooted in communities, it has closed aspects and locals do not accept those who do not know courtesy and manners. However, if you understand and respect courtesy and manners, it is a great opportunity to join in local life and communicate with locals. Not just observing, but joining the festivals makes you truly enjoy it. The feature of Huber.FestivalGo is not where objective information is posted. It is a platform where Japanese locals tell the realities of festivals. For blowing up your images of enjoying Japanese festivals, we also tell attractions other than festivals such as the usual things, sightseeing spots and restaurants in areas. When you read the words of local people living in Japan, you will definitely want to have similar experiences. If you find a festival you want to visit, how about having a chat with Huber's Tomodachi Guides? Your wishes will surely come true. Huber.FestivalGo is the only media for travelers to participate in Japanese festivals.

Let's explore for the charm of Japan that you have not seen yet.

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