Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri in Tokyo: When`s the Special Day to meet with people



This is the Tanabata Matsuri at Asagaya,Tokyo. From early August to middle August, the Asagaya shopping arcade is covered with a lot of paper decorations and bamboos.

Matsuri break down:

Decorations are handcrafted. Every shop in Asagaya shopping arcade (Asagaya pearl center), makes one or more of them. Some of them are like characters of manga, some of them are like Ninja, and some of them are like Samurai or stars, balls, rings with long tails. The decorated shopping arcade is very colorful and flowery. so many people come to enjoy the Matsuri. Then the arcade is very crowded. There are so many stands in the arcade too. Pizza stand, hotdog stand, shaved ice with sweet syrup stand, fruits juice stand, tako-yaki(octopus dumplings) stand, okonomi-yaki(flat cake of batter fried with various foods) stand and more. Have you tried them? If never, just try! They are very good taste to enjoy Matsuri.

What we can see there:

You can see so many bamboos between the decorations. Every bamboo has strip of fancy papers for people to write one’s wish. There are five colors. red, blue, white, yellow and purple. They have their own meaning. If you write your wish, you should choose a good color one for you. Red means thanks for parents and ancestors, blue means personal magnetism, white means justice and honor, yellow means friendship and purple means wisdom. This is from the Way of yin and yang. Way of yin and yang is habit of Chinese culture and it has five elements which have their own colors.

Look, the yellow one has message which means enjoy the Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri. Every paper has its own sentence. One is for money, other one is for health, other one is for love, one is for passing examination, for example. Recently, many foreign people come to join the Matsuri.

Tanabata history:

Tanabata came from a foreign country too. It came from China in the 8th century. It’s like a love story. Some married couple separated by the milky way. Only once they can meet in a year. It is the 7th of July. The husband is Altair and the wife is Deneb. Both of them are the stars of the summer triangle. Originally, people didn’t write on the paper, but it mixed with many habits. one is wishing for progress of the weaving, one is burn incense, one is make poem, one is write wish on a reef. Later people used paper instead of reef. Why people write a wish on paper? Because they want to make their wish true like the couple. The couple wish for a year to meet again. At last they do it.

What you can eat over there:

In some areas in Japan, there is a habit to eat Somen noodles on the 7th of July. In 8th century, some food came from China too. It made from wheet and rice flour. Knead them with water and add salt. Shape it into strings or ropes. Both of two things, the couple’s story and the food, came at nearly time then people ate it on the 7th July. it is called Sakubei. Still now it is eaten in some parts of Japan. Later Sakubei changed to Somen. This is why there is the habit of eating Somen on Tanabata.

Different Tanabata Matsuri:

The Tanabata Matsuri is not only at Asagaya, but also many places. There are 3 of great Tanabata Matsuri is in Japan. The most famous one is at Sendai, Miyagi. Next one is at Hiratsuka, Kanagawa but the third one is not only one Ichinomiya, Aichi and Anjo, Aichi. Some people say Asagaya is the third one. Anyway, why don’t you go to the matsuri if you are in Japan in the summer. Tanabata matsuri is one of the most popular summer matsuris.


Asagaya is central area of Tokyo close to Shinjuku. Less than 10 minutes by JR train. 

Get to JR Asagaya station, using by Chuo Sobu Line.


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Hope you enjoyed reading this article and it made you want to visit Asagaya Tanabata Festival!

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