Autum Leaves in Yamatsuriyama Park: Kouyou Festival in Fukushima




Fukushima Prefecture has a very beautiful nature. Especially, its mountains are great and fantastic. Today, I will introduce a place to enjoy the beauty of nature in Fukushima.

About Yamatsuriyama Park

Yamatsuriyama Park is located in Mt. Yamatsuri. There are a lot of trees and clean rivers on the mountain. So you can see a lot of natural beauty. If you like to climb mountains, this park is a good choice for hiking. There are many seasonal trees and flowers so its beauty changes as season changes. This time, I`ll focus on the points of autumn to see.

Things to Do and See at Yamatsuriyama Park

In autumn, most of the pine trees in Yamatsuriyama Park change its leaves into the red. Moreover, there are over 50,000 azaleas in the park. You can enjoy seeing its beauty. Besides these trees and flowers, more than 90 kinds of wild birds are in the park because its nature is nice. You can also watch them with beautiful trees and flowers. If you have a camera, I recommend you to bring it on a trip. I’m sure you can take nice pictures and catch a moment of wild birds with trees and flowers.

Furthermore, there is a clean river in Mt. Yamatsuri called “Kuji River”. Some fish are in the river because it is clean. You can enjoy fishing river fishes there seeing a beautiful view of the mountain.  Mt. Yamatsuri is 382.7 meters high. So it is a good place for hiking. It’s not so high that children or women can climb it easily. I believe your family members can also have a good time there!
As I described, Yamatsuriyama Park is a nice mountain for outdoor activities. If you like to hike the mountains, fishing, and taking photos of nature, I recommend you to go to this park!

Details and How to Access Yamatsuriyama Park

Yamatsuriyama Park is located in Yamatsuri Town, in Higashi Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. We can enter the park for free. And the park is open for 24 hours a day. At this park, the best season for seeing autumn leaves is from early to middle of November. If you want to see them, I think it is best to go there during this period.

We can get to the park by JR Suigun line. First, we can get to Yamatsuriyama Station by JR Suigun line. After that, we can walk to the park in 1 minute. If you have your own car, you can drive to the park using the highway. You can get on the Joban Highway. And you have to get it off at Naka Inter-change. After that, you can drive to the park. It takes about an hour from Naka Inter-change to Yamatsuriyama Park. There is a parking lot near the park. However, its capacity is up to 40 cars. So if you are planning to visit the park by car, you need to notice that.

Closing Remarks

Fukushima Prefecture has many places where nature is beautiful. Yamatsuriyama Park is also one of them. Today, I introduced its beauty in the fall. Actually, we can enjoy the park in all seasons. In spring, many cherry blossoms in the park bloom. In summer, we can enjoy fishing or play at Kuji River in Mt. Yamatsuri. We can also have a BBQ in the park. In autumn, we can enjoy seeing red leaves of pine trees. In winter, Mt. Yamatsuri will be covered with snow. You can notice the different beauty of the mountain with snow. Yamatsuriyama Park has great and clean nature so there are many animals. If you are lucky, you can see wild rabbits or foxes! If you have never been to Fukushima Prefecture, why don’t you visit Yamatsuriyama Park first? You can feel the beauty of nature. I’m sure you can have a good time there!


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