Autumn Colors in Eigen-ji – Picturesque Spots for the Autumn Foliage



In Shiga Prefecture, lake biwa is one of the most beautiful tourist spots. And surroundings of lake biwa are famous for autumn foliage. For example, in the eastern part of the lake, there is Kotou Sanzan which means three temples, Saimyo-ji, Kongorin-ji, and Hyakusai-ji. That place is a famous tourist spot for autumn foliage. In this article, I would like to introduce you to Eigen-ji that has more beautiful autumn foliage than Kotou Sanzan from my point of view. In the autumn season, many people come to see autumn foliage to Eigen-ji.

About Eigen-ji

Eigen-ji is one of 14 autonomous branches of the Rinzai school of Japanese Zen founded in 1361 by the lord of Omi province. The temple is also famous for Japanese maples and can boast about 3000 maple trees. The temple is sinking in and many kinds of trees. So, you can enjoy in spring, summer, autumn, and even in winter. From ancient times, the place was famous for its outstandingly beautiful autumn foliage.

The Spots

After you climb 120 stone stairs, there is a superb view of the autumn foliage.
And then, when you are about to approach the temple, you will notice many trees with red and yellow leaves. That is like a colorful tunnel in the trees.
If you are hungry or tired, you can take a rest and buy something to eat on the way to Hondo.
Furthermore, after the sunset, the temple illumination turns on. The illumination creates a fantastic scene so you can see more beautiful autumn leaves at night.

Details and Access

Place: Eigen-ji Temple
Dates: 4th November ~26th
Time: 9:00~16:00 (Illumination season, 4th November ~26th until 20:30)
Address: 41 Eigenji Takano-Cho, Higashiohmi-shi, Shiga-prefecture

Parking: Toll parking lots (260cars)
Fee: 500 Yen (Free for children below elementary school age)

Traffic Access:
By Ohmi Railway, arrive at Yokaichi Station and take an Ohmi Bus for 35min, then walk for15 min.
Meishin Expressway, Yokoichi I.C, 20min by car

Closing Remarks

Around Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture, there are many tourist spots including famous shrines and temples. And if you come to Japan in autumn, I really recommend seeing the autumn foliage. Especially Eigen-ji has plenty of picturesque spots for viewing of colorful autumn foliage. You should go! You will feel traditional Japanese autumn. And you can take nice pictures of beautiful autumn foliage and Japanese old historical temples. Please enjoy your autumn season in Japan!

For those who want to enjoy Autumn leaves…

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