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When you hear about autumn in Japan, what do you come up with? Although there are a lot of things related to fall, autumn leaves is one of the ideas Japanese people love and easily come up with. With cool weather and sentimental atmosphere in autumn, the trees make the park look authentically Japanese since the leaves are colored in yellow, red, brown. If you are curious about the event, Kouyo in Rinritsu Koen or Autumn Leaves in Rinritsu Park (香川_紅葉_栗林公園) is waiting for you in Kagawa prefecture.

Festival Breakdown

Kouyo in Rinritsu Koen or Fallen Leaves in Rinritsu Park is an annual autumn-time event in Takamatsu city in Kagawa prefecture. The event takes place in the park called Rinritsu Koen around late November. Since the event is ranked as the best in Kagawa prefecture, it is worth seeing the park colored with autumn leaves at least once in your life.

Things to Do and See

Watching autumn leaves

The most exciting part of the event is to see the scenes with colorful leaves. As the event is ranked as the top event in Kagawa prefecture, you will definitely remember the wonderful scenes such as the view from the lake or the tunnel made of red autumn leaves. Thereby, the park is designated as a special place of scenic beauty since the scenes with autumn leaves are so breathtaking that you cannot miss the every scenery in the park.

The entrance fee: Adult / \410, Under 15 /\170

Enjoy riding on Wasen(a traditional Japanese boat)

Since the park has lakes and rivers, you can also enjoy riding on Wa-sen or a traditional Japanese boat. Therefore, you can see the views from lakes or rivers while enjoying the ride. You will find how fantastic the scenes with autumn leaves in the park are from another perspective.

To ride on a boat: Adult / \610, Under 15 / \300

Time to capture a “real” authentic Japan

Since the park with autumn leaves is so beautiful and breathtaking, it definitely catches your eye. In addition, there are a lot of lanterns or lights to make you see the scenery with the leaves at night. These kinds of pictures may remind you of wonderful memories of a trip since you can see a “real” authentic Japan. You can recall the memory from the pictures if you have a camera.

Details and Access

By train:
– Around 3 minutes’ walk after reaching Rinritsu Koen Kitaguchi(栗林公園北口) station on JR Kotoku line

By car:
– Around 6 kilometers ride via the national road #11 to Kagawa prefectural office from Takamatsu Chuo Interchange on Takamatsu Expressway
There is a parking lot with charge for 62 cars: \100Yen per 25 minutes.

Fore those who wants to enjoy autumn leaves…

You probably know that autumn with its colorful leaves scenes is as popular emong tourists and locals as spring with its cherry blossoms. Momiji or enjoying autumn leaves is an indispendable part of Japanese culture. I hope this article raised your interest in Japanese autumn. And the following one picked top 12 best places and events to enjoy colorful autumn leaves!
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