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There are a few countries where you can enjoy seeing the beautiful leaves in the fall. Among these countries, especially Japanese autumn leaves are exceptionally beautiful. Hyakusaiji temple is selected as one of the best places with autumn scenery in Japan (日本紅葉百選). Colorful leaves are sure to make you feel excited. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the Hyakusaiji temple Autumn Leaves event, tell you how wonderful it is, and what you should do to enjoy it comfortably.


Hyakusaiji temple named after the Chinese old country “Hyakusai” (百済). In fact, Hyakusai was situated at 35 degrees north latitude, and Hyakusaiji temple was also located at 35 degrees north latitude.

Now, Hyakusaiji is a temple but used as a castle in the past. A famous samurai warrior set it afire about 500 years ago, and then it was reborn as a temple on the ruins of the castle.

The castle was surrounded by the mountains and called “Yamashiro(山城).” Yamashiro was difficult to attack. However, people in the castle couldn’t get food easily, so they had come out of Yamashiro gradually. Local people called it the last “Yamashiro” because it was the oldest one.

Picturesque Spots

At this temple, there are a lot of famous spots where you can see great autumn foliage scenery. Among them, especially three spots are outstanding.
First, Akamon (赤門). Akamon is the entrance gate of Hyakusaiji temple. Akamon is as red as the autumn maple leaves so you may not notice the difference between the gate and leaves. You will feel as if you came through the gate of red leaves.


Second, Japanese garden – “Tenkaenbou meien (天下遠望の名園)”. Its name means that you can see all the beautiful things in the world in this garden. In fact, famous missioner – Luis Frois compared it with heaven on the ground.

Third, Nioumon(仁王門). Big straw sandals are hanging from this gate. It is said that you can live longer if you touch it.


Nanakamado is a Japanese rowan. It is very tall. Berries, as well as the leaves, are so red in autumn that some people think that a forest fire breaks out.

Doudantsutsuzi is a small tree (Enkianthus perulatus). Although its size is not significant, the leaves of it are very big (about 5cm long). They look like hands of babies.

Tall trees and small trees make Hyakusaiji temple turn red completely.

Details and Access

Dates: From early November to the end of November.
Brief Schedule:
In 2018 November 15th – 25th
16:30-18:30 Leaves illuminated
Place: Hyakusaiji temple (百済寺)
International Reception and Info: Hyakusaiji temple Autumn Leaves pamphlet available in Japanese and English.
Home Page (General info in English/Event info in Japanese):
Address: 323 Hyakusaijichō, Higashiōmi-shi, Shiga-ken


From Omi line Yokaichi station 15 min. by taxi.
From Meishin road Youkichi IC 15 min. by car.
And from Meishin road Kotousqansen smart IC 10 min. by car.

Closing Remarks

In Hyakusaiji temple, you can enjoy seeing beautiful leaves and study its history. Colorful leaves are sure to give you the energy to survive the cold winter. If you visit Hyakusaiji temple, don’t miss a chance to visit other temples nearby. For example, Saimyouji temple (西明寺) is as famous for autumn leaves as Hyakusaiji temple.


The local guides are here to help! If you need any help and would like a local guide to tell you more about Hyakusaiji temple autumn foliage event or even more, please check the banner below! It is always better to know someone local on such a great and exciting event as Hyakusaiji temple autumn leaves the festival.

For those who wants to enjoy Autumn leaves…

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