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Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Japan. You can see how the trees turn to various colors such as red, yellow, and orange all over Japan. Nanko park in Shirakawa city, Fukushima prefecture is one of the best parks to admire the autumnal foliage. Many people, not only the locals but also visitors, come to this place every year. Nanko park is also known as the oldest park in Japan. You can see the beautiful Japanese garden as well as feel the history of Japan in this park!

The History of Nanko Park

The history of Nanko Park goes back to 1801 when it was founded by Matsudaira Sadanobu, the twelfth Shirakawa lord. Sadanobu constructed dikes in wetlands called “Onuma” which means a large pond to store water. In addition to this, Sadanobu also introduced the elements of Japanese garden and founded the first Nanko park in 1801.

In the beginning, Nanko park was just called “Nanko.” The name of “Nanko” originated from a poem by a famous Chinese poet, Rihaku. Sadanobu erected the park under the idea of “Shiminkyoraku” which means to enjoy together regardless of social status. You can also guess his idea of “Shiminkyoraku” from the tea room called Kyorakutei, which means to enjoy together.

In 1924, Nanko park was listed as a national historic landmark, and its concept of “Shiminkyoraku” is still popular nowadays. The pines, cherry blossom trees, and maple trees in the park always create the elegant atmosphere.

The 17 Scenes of Nanko

After the construction of Nanko, Sadanobu selected 17 beautiful scenes around Nanko besides the noted place of Daimyo garden. It is said that he named the scenes both in Chinese and Japanese names. For example, “Nanko” came from Chinese poem and “Sekinoko,” the name of another lake, is a Japanese name.

The Autumnal Foliage in Nanko Park

Nanko Park shows different beauties every season, but autumn is the best season to visit! You will feel so special and relaxed when all the leaves turn into various colors. The best spot the autumn foliage in Nanko Park is Suirakuen. Shirakuen is a Japanese garden which was constructed to support Sadanobu’s idea and embody the transmission of Japanese culture. You can enjoy not only the spectacular view of the autumn foliage but also see the typical style of a Japanese garden in Suirakuen.

There is a building called Matsurakutei in Suirakuen, which was built in the traditional Japanese style of the residential architecture that includes a tokonoma. You can even try matcha, Japanese powdered green tea, and Japanese unbaked cake there.

Details and Access

Season: From the end of October to the middle of November every year.
(In 2018, the park had beautiful illumination from the end of October to the beginning of November)
Place: Nanko Park in Fukushima
Address: Nanko Park, Nanko, Shirakawa city, Fukushima prefecture.

Home Page (Japanese only):
Access: Get on a bus from JR Shirakawa or Shinshirakawa stations.
5 minutes on foot from Nanko Park bus stop.

Closing Remarks

Nanko Park in Shirakawa city, Fukushima is the best place to visit if you want to explore the Japanese garden and see the spectacular view of the autumn foliage. Every year, Japanese people are looking forward to seeing the colors of leaves that change in autumn, which is a special season when many people enjoy going out before the cold winter begins. You can also enjoy the park lighted up at night during this season. Nanko Park is such a wonderful place where you can feel real Japanese atmosphere with a traditional Japanese garden and even taste matcha in a traditional Japanese house. I am sure that you will make unforgettable memories there!
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Find Out How to Enjoy Autumn in Japan!

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Pick the Best Autumn Foliage in Japan!

You probably know that autumn in Japan with its colorful leaves scenes is as prevalent among tourists and locals as spring with its cherry blossoms. Momiji or enjoying autumn leaves is an indispensable part of Japanese culture. I hope these articles raised your interest in Japanese autumn.
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