Autumn Leaves in Shiramizu Amida Do, Fukushima: View of Kouyou Festival




Have you been to Fukushima Prefecture before? It has great nature and old historical buildings and places. Today, I will introduce you to an old temple in Fukushima Prefecture.

About Shiramizu Amida Do

The name is “Shiramizu Amida Do”. “Shiramizu” is the name of a town in Iwaki City. “Amida” is the name of a Japanese Buddha and “Do” means “a hall” in Japanese. This place Shiramizu Amida Do stands in a temple named “Ganjoji”. In 1160, Heian period, Shiramizu Amida Do was built and it has been regarded as a national treasure in Japan since 1952. It has a beautiful and large garden and there are many Japanese maples and ginkgoes. In autumn, their leaves become red and yellow. We can enjoy seeing them in the garden! Now, I will talk about more details of Shramizu Amida Do and show what to do and see there.

Things to Do and See at Shiramizu Amida Do

As I wrote above, Shiramizu Amida Do is one of the national treasures in Japan and it is the only national treasure in Fukushima Prefecture. Here, I will tell you how to enjoy this place.

The main point of Shiramizu Amida Do is that there are many trees in its huge garden. This garden has a traditional style. So you can enjoy the old atmosphere there. Moreover, many kinds of trees and flowers are planted in the garden. For example, Japanese maples, ginkgoes, azaleas, and so on. And in autumn, those trees’ leaves change their colors into red or yellow. So you can enjoy seeing them in a good garden! Furthermore, when it gets dark, those trees will be illuminated during a specific time. So you can notice different beauty of the trees and flowers.

If you have a camera, it is better to bring it while a trip. You can take nice pictures there and capture your memories. It will make your travel more exciting. Thus, these trees look better when it is autumn. If you are interested in Shiramizu Amida Do, I recommend you to visit in autumn!

Another point to see is the Buddhist image. Shiramizu Amida Do has five famous statues of Buddha. So you can learn old Japanese customs or culture to see them. If you like to learn Japanese old history, I think it is a good choice to go to Shiramizu Amida Do!

Details and How to Access Shiramizu Amida Do

Now, I talk about detail information of Shiramizu Amida Do. This place is a part of Ganjoji, a temple at Uchigo Shramizu Town, in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. It is open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm in April to October, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm in November to March. And adults has to pay 500 Japanese yen as admission fee, 300 yen for elementary school studenst. At Shiramizu Amida Do, the best season for seeing autumn leaves is November. If you want to see them, I recommend you to go there in November.

You can use Joban Shinkansen and local buses to get there. First, you can get to Uchigo Station by JR Joban Shinkansen. After that, you can take a bus for Kawahira Bus Stop and you have to get it off at Amida Do Bus Stop. You can arrive at Ganjoji and Shiramizu Amida Do in 5-minute walk. If you have your own car, you can drive to the place. You can get on Joban Highway and get off at Iwaki Center Inter-change. There is a parking lot nearby Ganjoji. These are ways to get to Shiramizu Amida Do.

Closing Remarks

At Shiramizu Amida Do, I believe you can see many beautiful trees and flowers. You will be impressed by these beauties. Fukushima Prefecture has great nature. I hope you have an interest in Fukushima. You can visit there and notice how beautiful it is!

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