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People always associate Beppu with hot springs. Beppu city in Oita prefecture is one of the best-known hot spring towns in Japan. There are eight major hot springs in that area and they are called Beppu Hatto or Beppu eight hot springs. Yukemuri Akari no Matsuri or the Spa Steam Festival of Lights is one of the most distinctive festivals in Beppu. At this event, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the steam, rising from the hot springs which is lit up in different colors. You can’t miss the beautiful spa steam with the hypnotizing illumination!

About Beppu Hatto

Beppu Hatto is the general name for the major eight hot springs in Beppu city. The history of the oldest hot spring goes back to the 8th century. The eight hot springs are scattered throughout the city and each hot spring has its unique and distinctive features.

Wakibara hot spring is known as the birthplace of Beppu hot spring resort and it still keeps its antique style Ryokan (Japanese style hotel) which interiors and exteriors resemble the architecture of Meiji and Taisho periods. Beppu hot spring is the main hot spring of Beppu Hatto. Onsen Matsuri, or hot spring festival which all the residents there join, is held around here in April every year.

Kamekawa hot spring is popular for the sand baths where you can relax after a long trip. Kannawa hot spring is the place where you can feel the atmosphere of hot spring at its most, where a huge amount the steam rises up from the spa. It’s one of the most popular hot springs in Beppu Hatto.

Kankaiji hot spring is located 150 meters above sea level. It has the most spectacular outlook among Beppu hot springs. Horita hot spring was founded in the Edo period and due to the good location (as it stands on the crossing between major cities) many travelers used to rest here.
Shibaseki hot spring is the place that Daigo emperor (in 895) and Goreizei emperor (in 1044) had stayed at in order to cure their diseases. In the municipal Shibaseki hot spring, you can enjoy the two baths with different temperatures and an open-air bath. In Myoban hot spring, you can enjoy the beautiful white fumes as well.

About Akari no Matsuri

Yukemuri Akari no Matsuri or the Spa Steam Festival of Lights is the festival when you can see the most beautiful landscape of Beppu hots spring’s steam. Although there are many events at the hot springs in Beppu, the night illumination is the most beautiful and distinctive moment that the locals and visitors look forward to every year. The outstanding spa steam rising from the hot springs is lit up with seven colors. This is a spectacular view indeed.

The festival takes place from the end of March to the beginning of April. During the festival season, the spa steam is lighted around Kannawa hot spring every day from 7 to 9 pm. You can also join a tour conducted by a local guide when you can enjoy walking around the town and learn about the history of the hot springs while seeing this breathtaking view.

Details and Access

Season: From the end of March to the middle of April From 7pm to 9pm
(In 2018: From the 30th of March to 3rd of April). As for 2019, the information has not been updated yet. Please refer to the official website to check the dates.
Place: Beppu hot springs in Oita prefecture
Home Page: https://www.welcomekyushu.jp/attaka/akari/?mode=detail&id=10
Address: Beppu city, Oita prefecture
Access: (To Kannawa hot spring) 10 minutes by car from Beppu station
(To Takegawara hot spring) 5 minutes on foot from Beppu station

Closing Remarks

Yukemuri Akari no Matsuri is the best chance to experience the atmosphere of Japanese hot springs and see the beautiful view of a lit up spa steam. Hot springs are something you have to experience when you visit Japan. I recommend staying for a night in Beppu Hatto, enjoying the best hot springs in Japan, and walking around the town at night wearing Japanese yukata. This is how we spend a holiday at hot springs in Japan. Not only you can see the beautiful illumination of the spa steam, but also you can feel the smell of sulfur, which makes you feel relaxed and special. I am sure you the overall atmosphere of Beppu and this festival will create unforgettable memories from your trip to Kyushu!

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