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How Can Tomodachi Guide Make Your Trip Really Fun Around Tokyo – Part 1


By Huber


Allow us to introduce ourselves!


Hello everyone! My name is Taiki. I currently work at a travel agency, and because I enjoy traveling overseas by myself, I thought it would be good to have a friend at my destination where I am traveling. As for my level of English, I cannot speak English very well and am definitely not fluent. However, I love international exchanges and would like to visit many different countries in the future.


Hi, my name is Kenzou, and I am a university student! I am not young like other local guides but communicating with travelers in English has always been my passion! I feel very particular about talking with people and caring for those around me. Now, I am currently studying to improve my English skills.

❏ What brought you to Huber.?


As I mentioned in my self-introduction, I work for a travel agency. Guiding Japanese people is fun! However, I wanted to broaden my experience and expand my capabilities. So, I challenged myself to try to guide the tours in English, which led me to Huber.


I was looking for guide-like work, but I didn’t know my own personality, and I was looking for something casual to do. After looking around, I found Huber. By resonating with the company’s mission to become friends with people from all over the world, being able to speak more English, and showing Japanese hospitality to people from overseas, the guests and I can have a fun and enjoyable time! In addition, Huber. is not a volunteer service, and I am reciprocated for my efforts. It’s like getting 3 birds with one stone!

❏ Please talk about your first TOMODACHI Guide experience!

For this tour, we met at Shibuya station and went to Kamakura. There, we wrote our wishes on Ema (small wooden plaques) at the Goryou Shrine.

We then went to the beach and played for a while!

After playing, we went back to Tokyo and walked around Gotoku-ji Temple and Setagaya Hachiman Shrine. After the tour, we went to some local spots in the area.



It was fun to get together and have a drink after the trip was over! It feels great to be able to go out and drink after everything is finished, it was definitely a refreshing feeling!


Right! It was really fun! There was a moment when I realized and felt that we actually became friends! It was a blast! I was very happy with what the guest told me later.


I know, right! I was so happy that I received 2 distinct impressions and words after the trip. The first one was that although it was my first time guiding a tour, there were absolutely no problems! “If you practice English, there won’t be any problems!” When I heard these words, I was extremely happy!


I totally understand! You really feel more confident as a Tomodachi Guide when you hear those words!


The second thing that they said was, “I will never forget this experience! When I go back home, I will always remember this trip!”. These words were a big confidence boost as a Tomodachi Guide, and to me, it was a testament to the fun that the person had on the trip!


It was super fun being a guide during the trip, and I really enjoyed going to the bar after the trip ended! However, I was a little afraid and anxious about the review, but in the end, I was extremely happy and inspiring!

❏ Please tell us your impressions after finishing your first trip as a guide!


More than anything, I was glad that I challenged myself! While receiving my guide fee, there was a time where I felt, “Can I do this?” But then, I thought to myself that there are a lot of things that I can learn from this experience! The guest was very nice and we had a great time! I’m glad that I was able to make a Philippine friend!


It was my first time being a guide, but it was fun indeed! I first thought that I still had a long way to go speaking English, but in reality, I was able to communicate finely! I was able to convey what I wanted to say! This was the most important thing that I learned after my first guiding experience!

Thank you


Huber. TOMODACHI Guide is a system where you guide visitors as a pair of guides. In pairs, you receive half of the anxiety and double the fun! There are different ways to enjoy yourselves with people that you get along with. Why not have fun by inviting your friends, co-workers, siblings, and family to become Huber. members?
Let’s go out and have fun, and at the same time, make friends with people from all over the world!

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