Cherry Blossom Viewing  In Nara Park and Todaiji Temple



Do you know Cherry Blossom Viewing?

When it comes spring, Japanese people go cherry blossom viewing.

Recently, many foreigners have come to visit Japan to do it.

So, I will introduce Nara Park and Todaiji Temple and these viewing spots of cherry blossoms.

Nara Park:

Nara Park is the largest park in Nara. Opened in1880, its total area is 660 hectares. There are a lot of world heritage sites and national treasures like Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and Koufukuji Temple. This park has about 1100 deer and there are shops which sell a dear snack called “Shika senbei”. When you try to feed them, they make a bow. Since its appearance is very adorable, many people buy many dear snacks and enjoy feeding.

Viewing spot (Cherry Blossom):


When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, many people visit to Nara Park to do cherry blossom viewing every year.

Especially, the trees in Ukiyodou are brilliant, everybody who visited enjoy watching it on a boat and watching it from the hall.

The landscape that the hall floating in the pond and the cherry blossoms brings captivates many people.

The viewing here at night is also wonderful, soI recommend that you come here at night because the cherry blossoms are lighted up at night and you can enjoy it.


Nara Park

Nara Park is 5 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Station and 20 minute on foot from JR Nara station.

If you take the bus, you can reach 2 minutes from Kintetsu Nara station and 7 minutes from JR Nara station.


Ukimidou is about 15 – 20 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Station, or get off at “Kasuga-Taisha Omotesando” and about 4 minutes on foot

Todaiji Temple:

Todaiji Temple is located at the foot of Mt.Wakakusa. Building started in 752 under the order of Emperor Shomu, it was completed in 758.

“Daibutsu-den” which can be said as a symbol of Todaiji Temple is still the world’s largest wooden building.

In the”Daibutu-den”, there is the giant Buddha statue called “Vairocana-Buddha” with a total length of 15 meters.

And, “Column wicket” is popular among children and foreign tourists.

There is a column with a hole of the same size as the hole of the nose of the giant Buddha statue, it is said that there is a benefit when going through it.

View spot (Cherry Blossom):


There is another place where cherry blossoms are brilliant in Nara Park.

That is Someiyoshino in front of Daibutsu-den.

The courtyard is simply turfed so that it stands out its hugeness.

The contrast between the lawn and cherry blossoms and the Buddha statue is truly brilliant, attracting tourists.



Todaiji Temple is 20 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Station, or get off at “Daibutsu-den Kasuga-Taisha mae” which is about 4 minutes on foot



Hi,I'm Aki from Nara.I like to introduce foreign tourist about Japanese festival,especially Nara and Kyoto.

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