Cherry Blossoms in Chidorigafuchi Park – Enjoy Hanami from a Boat in Tokyo




Cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi park are stunning. Who is against experiencing cherry blossoms on a boat? A park with a pond between the Imperial Palace and the British Embassy is where you can ride a boat while viewing cherry blossoms. In the middle of the political and economic center, a healing place like this is essential for all business workers. In this article, I will introduce a famous hanami spot in Chiyoda, Tokyo – the Chidorigafuchi Park in spring.

Hanami at Chidorigafuchi Park

About 260 cherry trees make a pink floral tunnel to brighten up the mood of those who walk under it. The promenade is 700 meters long, and it is a good healing place for office workers in spring. Despite the not so large number of cherry trees, more than one million people visit Chidorigafumi park at hanami season. The unique feature of this park is that you get on a small boat to view cherry blossoms. Every year, couples and groups of friends make a long line to ride the boat. Lightened up cherry blossoms with eco-friendly LED lights also attract many people at night. The life of cherry blossoms is very short. Yet, it is amazingly beautiful even after the petals fall. The pond will be covered with petals and dye the water in pink – we call this phenomenon hanaikaga (花筏). Thus, this makes Cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi park exceptionally attractive.

Tips for Safe & Fun Hanami in Chidorigafuchi Park

No car is allowed

– there won’t be any parking lot nearby. So, use public transportation. No food booths or restaurant are in the park. You better get your food and drinks on the way to the park.

Admission regulation applies

– when the promenade is too crowded they can limit admission.

Parties allowed (only the place which is allowed)

– This park is the one where you can bring leisure sheets and alcohol for a hanami party. However, you have to follow some rules.

No reservation for the boat ride

– You need to wait in a line if you want to ride one


Details and Access

Dates (blooming period): late March to early April every year

Place: Chidorigafuchi park

Address: 1-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Admission Fee: Free

Boat rental (row/pedal): 1 am to 5 pm. Cost: 500 Yen/30 minutes or 1,000 Yen/60 minutes

Official website (Japanese only): https://www.city.chiyoda.lg.jp/shisetsu/koen/015.html 


The nearest train station from the park is Kudanshita on Tokyo Metro Tozai line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line, and Toei Shinjuku line. A 5-minutes’ walk will bring you to the beautiful scenery.

Other Things to Do In Chiyoda

Everything about Japanese politics is here in Chiyoda! It is the core of Japan. If you are not a big politics fan, the area around the Imperial Palace is a famous spot for jogging as well. Also, Tokyo station is nearby. You can enjoy shopping and try various foods just at the station. If you are looking for an oasis in Tokyo, Hotel New Otani has a beautiful, well maintained Japanese garden too.

Closing Remarks

It might be difficult to imagine such a big natural area right in the center of Tokyo. Well, you just have to go and see it. Spring is a bright season with new flowers and sunshine. I’m sure you will love it. Besides, if you are in Tokyo for seeing cherry blossoms, you cannot avoid visiting this essential hanami spot.

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Cherry blossoms are an essential part of Japanese culture. And, viewing cherry blossoms (Hanami) is very popular in Japan during the spring. This is because cherry blossoms, which the Japanese call “Sakura” are stunning at this season.

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