Cherry blossoms and the Kamogawa River: Hanami spots in Kyoto



The Kamogawa River is the main stream of Kyoto, which runs through downtown Kyoto from north to south. Kamo means ducks. As this name shows, you can see many ducks in the river as well as herons, wagtail and black headed gulls.




For the Kyoto citizens it is a refreshing place for strolling, taking a nap and having a picnic. You can see many people dancing, practicing musical instruments and enjoying sports along the river. It is also a popular date spot. Many couples sit on the river bank while keeping the space at equal intervals.

These are the stepping stones for crossing the river. They have various shapes such as small birds, turtles and small boats. However they sometimes sink in the water especially in the rainy season, I usually use these stones for short cut on the way back home.
I really love strolling along the river, with listening to the chirps of birds, feeling the gentle breeze, and smelling the grass. This is the most precious time for me.

Many restaurants and cafes are standing in a row on the west side of the Kamogawa River. The warm illumination of these restaurants which is reflected in the river are very beautiful in the night.

The Kamogawa River in Cherry blossom season:

It shows us a variety of beautiful scenery throughout a year. Especially from the end of March to the beginning of April, cherry blossoms standing along the river become in full bloom.
My favorite point for cherry blossom viewing is the side road of the Biwako Canal(琵琶湖疎水) on the Reisen-Dori street(冷泉通), which flows to the Kamogawa River. Cherry blossom standing along the canal stretch out their branches highly to the sky and down to the surface of water. We can feel as if we basked in the Cherry blossom and walked in the pink clouds.


The Kamogawa River in Other Seasons:


From May to September restaurants and cafés by the river(Pontocho and the Kiyamachi St.) set up the open-air deck called “Yuka(床) or Kawadoko(川床)” . It is the long tradition in Kyoto and the history dates back in the 18th century.
The summer festival is held on weekend in the beginning of August. A variety of performances to appeal Kyoto city are conducted during the festival. Also the stalls which are opened by the association of almost all prefectures in Japan sell their specialties such as local rice wine or Sake(酒), vegetables and local dishes. Trying a variety of local food must be fun!


You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn leaves which shine in yellow and red by the sunshine. I think this is the best season for stroll. Because we have severely muggy mid-summer and chilly winter.

Other places to see:


Pontocho, one of the five Geisha or Maiko districts known as flower town or Kagai(花街) is located on the west side of the Kamogawa River (between Sanjo-dori st. and Shijo-dori st.) You can find hundreds of restaurants and cafés on the both side of the narrow traditional street in a nostalgic atmosphere.
You might have a chance to run across the real Geisha and Maiko.
*Maiko is apprentice Geisha.

The Takasegawa River(高瀬川)and the Kiyamachi-dori St. (木屋町通)

The Takasegawa River is the oldest canal in Japan which was opened in the 17th century. However it is not in use any more, it was very important waterway to carry rice wine or Sake(酒) and other commodities between downtown Kyoto and Fushimi(伏見) known as a Sake brewery town. You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing as well as a variety of restaurants.

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Cherry blossoms are an essential part of Japanese culture. And, viewing cherry blossoms (Hanami) is very popular in Japan during the spring. This is because cherry blossoms, which the Japanese call “Sakura” are stunning at this season.

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