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Then you think of the cherry blossoms season in Osaka, Osaka Castle comes up to your mind first. In this season, local people enjoy blossoms viewing with their lunch boxes everywhere around the city. Under cherry trees, families, friends, and colleagues are enjoying meals and alcoholic drinks. It is a kind of spring tradition in Japan which they call Hanami. Osaka features many places to enjoy spring with its cherry blossoms including Sakura in Kema Sakuranomiya Park, cherry trees in Osaka Mint Bureau, and the Cherry Blossoms at Kawasaki bridge. Of course, a lot of people appreciate cherry viewings in the castle area as it is one of the major landmarks of the city.

Cherry Blossoms Viewing

Cherry blossoms viewing or Hanami season slightly changes depending on the year’s weather and blossoming forecast. Indeed, in Japan it is a deal, they show the Sakura blossoming forecast along with the usual weather forecast. Usually, early April is the best season for the cherry blossoms viewing. Once the full bloom comes, you can enjoy the flowers for only one week.

About Osaka Castle

The castle is one of the top tourist spots in Osaka. Throughout the year, tourists enjoy viewing the castle tower and the complex creating a busy flow of people. Like many historic sites in Japan, Osaka castle went through a rough history and was destroyed a few times. The current castle tower was built in 1931, and major repair works took place in 1997. Currently, Osaka castle is one of the most popular landmarks of the city that features huge territory with gardens, museums and souvenir shops, all surrounded by moats. Its classic Japanese architecture attracts many tourists that want to take nice pictures. Besides, the castle is a great venue for many festivals and events. Today it is the major symbol of Osaka.

Cherry Blossoms in Osaka Castle

You can admire a great view on the garden with numerous blossoming cherry trees from the top of the castle tower. You will see a dyed pink color garden scenery. During the Sakura season, the garden opens its doors even at night. Cherry blossoms in the garden and the castle tower are lit up creating a charming atmosphere while people enjoy hanami. This scenery is very photogenic. Even at night, local people after work enjoy viewing the flowers under the trees.

Totally, around 3000 cherry trees grow in the castle area. They look stunning in full bloom. However, if you miss the best season, you can enjoy late cherry blossoms in the castle area.

South Side of the Outer Moat

Another great spot to enjoy the blooms would be the south side of the outer moat featuring hundreds of cherry trees lining it. This area is not very crowded even in the busiest season. Local people appreciate strolling along the moat rather than having meals there. Cherry blossoms reflect on the surface of outer moat’s water and which creates another breathtaking scenery.

Nishinomaru Garden

Speaking of the best and most popular cherry blossoms spot in the castle area, Nishinomaru garden would be the one. In this garden, around 300 cherry trees grow and bloom synchronically at the beginning of April. At the peak season, cherry trees are in full bloom will amaze you for sure. You will feel like you are in a huge and light pink cloud of flowers. Local people enjoy having lunch or drinking under the cherry trees, which is a necessary scenery of the cherry blossoming season in Japan. Thus, to feel the Japanese traditions better, I suggest you have lunch or a drink under a cherry tree while you have a chance!



Late Cherry Blossoms Spots

When you come to Japan in April, you might miss the peak blossoming season due to the weather conditions. If so, do not be disappointed! Late cherry blossoms wait for you in Osaka castle. The Osaka castle park has a few late cherry blossoming spots. Around Tamatsukuri-guchi area near the south-east point of the inner moat, there are special cherry trees. They bloom 1-2 weeks later than the ones in Nishinomaru garden and feature thicker flowers with more petals.

Watch the Sakura Trees From the Boat!

Another great way to enjoy Kema Sakuranomiya Park would be taking a short boat trip on an amphibious bus of a usual cruise boat. This will allow you t admire the beauty of the park and its cherry blossoms from a different angle and see other parts of Osaka at the same time. For example, the Osaka Duck Tour provides 90 minutes tours starting from Osaka castle, and the bus splashes into the water at Kema Sakuranomiya Park which creates a lot of joy and excitement especially during the Sakura season. On the other hand, the Osaka City Cruise creates short (25-30 min) cruising during blossoming season close to the part at a pretty reasonable price.

Details and Access

Dates: End of March – Beginning of April every year. The blooming season varies depending on the weather conditions

Place: Osaka Castle

Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Official Website: https://www.osakacastle.net/english/


Subway: Tanimachi-4-Chome, Morinomiya, Osaka-business-park, or Tenmabashi stations

JR loop line: Osakajo-Koen or Morinomiya stations

The most convenient station for the flower viewing would be Tanimachi-4-Chome, because it is the nearest to the gate of Nishinomaru garden, one of the most famous spots for viewing.

Closing Remarks

How about enjoying cherry viewing in the Osaka castle area? Not only you will have an amazing opportunity to touch upon Japanese history and enjoy the feudal architecture of Japan in the castle, but also see the mesmerizing cherry flowers if you get there in the peak season. The mix of traditional castle buildings with gentle Sakura flowers will definitely excite you!

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