Craft Sake Week 2019 – Style and Sake in One Event at Roppongi Hills



When you think of a traditional alcoholic beverage of Japan, probably Japanese rice wine – sake will come you your head first. Craft Sake Week in Roppongi Hills is an outstanding event that attracts professionals and amateur drinkers of sake from all over the world. This fair lasts for ten days in the middle of April and allows you to taste various sake from over 100 breweries. In addition, the location of this event and old Japanese traditions of sake making and consumption will allow you to feel the style while sipping your favorite beverage!

What is “Craft Sake Week”?

“Craft Sake Week” is one of the hottest sake events in Japan. It began in 2016, so it’s still new for Tokyo. However, it has gained great popularity among not only Japanese people you will also meet a lot of foreign guests. In 2017, this exciting event welcomed roughly 110,000 people during its period. I must confess that this number includes me x 2. Frankly speaking, I went to this event twice in 2017!

Hidetoshi Nakata created this great sake event. He is an ex-professional football player who played for Japan’s national team several times and also belonged to some teams in Italy and England for years. After retirement from the football world, he found the great craftsmanship in Japan, especially sake. So, he decided to dedicate his best efforts to promote sake to the world.

Amazing Sake Experience

At Craft Sake Week, you will enjoy a wide variety of sake which is carefully selected from all over Japan. This event features the greatest amount of products from many breweries in Japan. Surprisingly, 110 breweries in total for 11 days! That’s so exciting, isn’t it? The producer, Hidetoshi Nakata, says “I would love you to find your favorite sake through this event”. In 2018, the theme was “regionality”. Japan consists of 47 prefectures, so you could enjoy sake from all the prefectures.

At the venue, you can also taste great dishes that match sake. About 15 prestigious restaurants offer delicious dishes at the event! Marriage between excellent sake and high-quality meals will excite and attract you. I’m positive!

Brewery Staff & Sake Masters to Help with Your Choice

If you don’t know much about sake, it might be difficult to choose from such a huge variety. But, you don’t have to worry about it! The staff from every brewery and certified sake masters will be waiting for you at the venue. When you need some advice, do not hesitate to speak to them. They are all sake experts, so they are happy to give you helpful recommendation.

Among sake masters, I recommend a two-man unit named “Nihonshu”(Nihonshu means Japanese sake) on the above photo. They are the only comedy duo with the title of certified sake master in the world!

Exquisite Japanese Art Installation

Every year, Japanese art installation fills the venue. For example, in 2017, everybody was excited about the decoration of countless cherry blossoms. In 2018, you could admire the sophisticated bamboo installation by famous Japanese architects! Also, DJs will bring additional excitement with fascinating music. I hope you have an unforgettable and priceless experience in the extraordinary atmosphere in Roppongi while sipping your favourite sake!

Details and Access

Dates: April 19th – 29th, 2019.  The event takes place in the middle of April every year.

Place: Roppongi Hills Arena (http://www.roppongihills.com/facilities/arena/)

Address: 6-11-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Official websitehttp://craftsakeweek.com/rh/en.html

・Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Roppongi Station” Exit 1C 4-minute walk
・Toei Oedo Line “Roppongi Station” Exit 3 4-minute walk
・Toei Oedo Line “Azabu-Juban Station” Exit 7 5-minute walk
・Tokyo Metro Namboku Line “Azabu-Juban Station” Exit 4 8-minute walk
・Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line “Nogizaka” Exit 5 1o-minute walk

Closing Remarks

If you are in Tokyo in April, cherry blossoms are unavoidable. However, if you would like to taste the craft sake from real artisans in the middle of the city and not to miss Sakura at the same time, Craft Sake Week is the best event to attend! You won’t find such concentration of outstanding sake from various breweries, esthetic satisfaction, and glamorous atmosphere at one place!

If you would like to taste sake at the Craft Sake Week and explore Tokyo together with a friendly local guide, please check the banner below!

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