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Every Day There is a Festival in Japan



Japan is a country of Festivals. Every day there is a matsuri in a big city or in a small village. Anyone can find an event that satisfies his/her interests. There are traditional and modern festivals, on the sea and on the ground, in summer and in winter. Japanese are hardworking people. However, when you attend at least one festival in Japan you will understand how locals like to party. Most of the festivals have one major aim. The purpose of most of these events is to unite local people and support the community sense. Below FestivalGo and Huber. picked the most exciting festivals for each day of the year in Japan. It doesn’t matter when you visit this beautiful country, you will always have a chance to attend a real Japanese festival. Matsuri is the fastest and most common way to know the local culture and exotic traditions of Japan!














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1st Tokiwa Hachimangu Toshina Hono at Tokiwa Hachimangu Shrine in Aomori Prefecture

2nd Dainichi-do Bugaku in Akita Prefecture

3rd Dendengassari in Aichi Prefecture

4th Amamehagi in Ishikawa Prefecture (Jan 2nd-6th)

5th Joma Shinji Festival at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture

6th Darumaichi Syorinzan – Daruma Doll Festival in Gunma Prefecture (Jan 6th, 7th, 15th)

7th Sozenji Nanakusa Gayu– a Seven-Herb Rice Porridge Serving at Sozenji Temple in Gunma Prefecture

8th Dondo Yaki Festival at Torigoe Shrine in Tokyo

9th Toka Ebisu Festival at Imamiya Ebisu Temple in Osaka (Jan 9th– 11th)

10th Toka Ebisu Festival at Horikawa Ebisu Temple in Osaka (Jan 9th– 11th)

11th Nishinomiya Ebisu Matsuri at Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture (Jan 9th– 11th)

12th Kyoto Ebisu Matsuri at Ebisu Shrine in Kyoto (Jan 8th– 12th)

13th Daikoku Festival at Kanda Myojin Shrine in Tokyo

14th Doya-Doya Festival at Shitenno-Ji Temnple in Osaka

15th Murakami Kagura Festival in Chiba Prefecture (also on Oct 9th)

16th Hetomato Festival at Shirahama Shrine in Nagasaki Prefecture

17th Miyoshi Bonden Matsuri at Mt. Taihei Miyoshi Shrine in Akita Prefecture

18th Furusato Matsuri in Tokyo (in the second part of January every year (Jan 11th-Jan 19th in 2019)

19th Funa City Festival in Saga Prefecture

20th Obisha Festival at Ikazuchi Shrine in Chiba Prefecture

21st Taikan Misogi at Kasuga Shrine in Yamaguchi Prefecture (Held for 3 days around Jan 20th)

22nd Hina no Tsurushi Kazari Festival in Shizuoka Prefecture (Jan 20th-Mar 31st)

23rd Shiwasu Matsuri at Mikado Shrine in Miyazaki Prefecture (Jan 20th-Feb 20th)

24th Sugamo Togenuki Jizo Taisai at Kogan-ji Temple in Tokyo

25th Usokae Shinji at Kameido Tenjin Shrine in Tokyo (Jan 24th-25th)

26th Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival at Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido (Jan 26th-Feb 18th)

27th Ume Matsuri at Atami Baien in Shizuoka Prefecture (Jan 15th-Mar 12th)

28th Morikoro Park Yuki Matsuri in Aichi Prefecture (late Jan – mid Feb)

29th Sounkyo Ice Festival at Sounkyo Onsen in Hokkaido (Jan 29th-Mar 5th)

30th Cherry Blossoms Festival in Nago City, Okinawa (Jan – Feb)

31st Sai Lake Juhyo Festival in Yamanashi (late Jan – mid Feb)


1st Icicles and Illumination Festival in Chichibu town in Saitama Prefecture (from early January to mid-February)

2nd Diamond Fuji Ice Candle Festival at Yamanaka lake in Yamanashi Prefecture (From beginning till mid of February)

3rd Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Setsubun Festival in Chiba Prefecture

4th Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido (for 7-10 days in the beginning of February)

5th Owase Yaya Festival at Owase Shrine in Mie Prefecture (Feb 1st – Feb 5th)

6th Zonbera Festival at Oniya Shrine in Ishikawa Prefecture

7th White Sake Festival at Kumano Shrine in Tokyo

8th Chanchakochan event at Ebisu Shrine in Shizuoka Prefecture

9th Nanto Toga Soba Festival in Toyama Prefecture (Feb 9th,10th,11th)

10th The Ritual Tug of War Festival in Kariwano town in Akita Prefecture

11th Daito Ohara Water Splashing Festival in Iwate Prefecture

12th Otaru Snow Light Path Festival in Hokkaido (for 10 days in the middle of February)

13th Yakuyoke Jizoson Festival at Entakuji Temple in Yamanashi Prefecture (Feb 13th, 14th)

14th Fire Waving Festival in Senboku town in Akita Prefecture (Feb 13th, 14th)

15th Bamboo Shooting Festival at Suwa Shrine in Akita (Feb 11th – 15th)

16th Yokote no Yuki Matsuri in Akita (Feb 15th, 16th)

17th Hachinohe Enburi Festival in Aomori Prefecture (Feb 17th – Feb 20th)

18th Tazawa Lake Kogen Snow Festival in Akita (Feb 17th, 18th)

19th Mona no Satoimo at Junisha Srine in Chiba Prefecture (Feb 19th, 20th, 21st)

20th Suribachi Yaito in Sabae town in Fukui Prefecture (Feb 20th – Mar 2nd)

21st The Winter Illumination of Tokyo German Village in Chiba Prefecture (Nov 1st – Mar 31st)

22nd Nisai Mairi at Shitennoji Temple in Osaka

23rd Godairikison Ninnoe at Daigoji Temple in Kyoto

24th Asekaki Jizoson at Donoyama shuhen in Mie Prefecture

25th Nagasaki Lantern Festival in Nagasaki (Feb 16th – Mar 2nd)

26th Katchindama Matsuri at Rokusho Shrine in Aichi Prefecture

27th Big Hina Matsuri in Katsuura town in Chiba Prefecture (end of Feb – March 3rd)

28th Fudo Jinja Shunki Taisai at Miyajidake Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture


1st Mojiko Retro Hina Matsuri in Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture (Feb 4th – Mar 5th)

2nd Omizu Okuri (Water Sending) Festival at Wakasa Shrine in Fukui Prefecture

3rd Sekimoto Jinja Daidai Kagura at Sekimoto Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture

4th Usuki Hina Meguri in Oita Prefecture (Feb 10th – Mar 20th)

5th Tokyo Bunkyo Ume Festival at Yushima Tenjin in Tokyo (Feb 8th – Mar 8th)

6th Mito Plum Blossom Festival at Kairakuen and Kodokan Parks in Ibaraki Prefecrure (mid-February – end of March)

7th Hita Ohina Matsuri in Oita Prefecture (Feb 15th – Mar 31st)

8th Kirihara Warakoma Matsuri at Kiriharamaki Shrine in Nagano Prefecture

9th Saitosai at Kashima Jingu in Ibaraki Prefecture

10th Hotematsusri at Shiwanohiko Shrine in Miyagi Prefecture

11th Yame Bonbori Festival in Yame town in Fukuoka Prefecture (Feb 12th – Mar 12th)

12th Kusano no Hina Matsuri in Kusano town in Fukuoka Prefecture (Feb 11th – Apr 9th)

13th Hiei no Ogoma at Enryakuji Temple in Shiga Prefecture

14th Saga Joka Hina Matsuri in Saga Prefecture (Feb 11th – Mar 31st)

15th Uchikuroda Naked Festival at Uchikuroda Kumano Shrine in Chiba Prefecture

16th Yanagawa Ohina-sama Water Parade in Yanagawa City in Fukuoka Prefecture (Feb 11th – Apr 3rd)

17th Hayachine Jinja Sominsai at Hayachie Shrine in Iwate Prefecture

18th Sensoji Honzon Jigene at Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

19th Shitennoji Shunki Higane at Shitennoji Temple in Osaka (Mar 17th – 23rd)

20th Ana Kannon Festival at Unganji temple in Yamanashi Prefecture (Mar 20th – 21st)

21st Okunoin Shomieku at Okunoin Torodo in Wakayama Prefecture

22nd Heikoku sai (Oidematsuri) in Ishikawa Prefecture (Mar 18th – 23rd)

23rd Horyuji Oeshiki at Horyuji Shoryoin in Nara Prefecture

24th Miekuma Matsuri at Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji in Kanagawa Prefecture (Mar 18th – 24th)

25th Harumatsuri (Hana no Kai) in Oita Prefecture (Mar 25th, 26th)

26th Monju Oeshiki at Abe Monjuin in Nara Prefecture (Mar 25th, 26th)

27th Sengokuhara Yutate Shishimai at Sengokuhara Suwa Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture

28th Momote Mato Shinji at Hanaike Shrine in Shimane Prefecture

29th Cherry Blossoms Festival at Negoriji Temple in Wakayama Prefecture (Late March – Early April)

30th Kazagashira Koen Sakura Festival at Kazagashira Park in Nagasaki Prefecture (Late March – Early April)

31st Fukuoka Castle Sakura Festival at Maizuru park in Fukuoka Prefecture (Mid-March – Early April)


1st Chanchan Matsuri in Yamato Shrine in Nara Prefecture

2nd Beppu Hatto Onsen Matsuri in Oita Prefecture (early April for 5 days)

3rd Suwa Jinja Daidai Kagura at Yukisuwa Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture

4th Minamisano Matsuri at Hieda Shrine in Shiga Prefecture

5th Hikiyama Matsuri in Ishikawa Prefecture (Apr 4th – 6th)

6th Fukuoka castle Sakura Festival in Fukuoka Prefecture (Late March – early April)

7th Aofushigaki Shinji at Miho Shrine in Shimane Prefecture

8th Shinyakushiji Shunie (Otaimatsu) at Shinyakushiji Shrine in Nara Prefecture

9th Flower Exchange Festival at Kanegasaki Shrine in Fukui Prefecture (Apr 1st – Apr 15th)

10th Cherry Blossom Festival at Konpira Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture

11th Miyako Odori Festival in Kyoto (Apr 1st – 30th)

12th Shingen Koki at Keirinji Temple in Yamanashi Prefecture

13th Sannosai at Hiyoshi Shrine in Shiga Prefecture (Apr 12th – 14th)

14th Takayama Matsuri at Hie Shrine in Gifu Prefecture (Apr 14th, 15th, Oct 9th, 10th)

15th Tokuwa Matsuri at Tokuwa and Suwa Shrines in Niigata Prefecture

16th Nagahama Hikiyama Matsuri at Nagahama Hachimangu in Shiga Prefecture (Apr 13th – 16th)

17th Yayoi Matsuri at Futarasan Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture (Apr 13th – 17th)

18th Gongon Matsuri at Jonichiji Temple in Toyama Prefecture (Apr 17th – 18th)

19th Manju Matsuri at Rin Shrine in Nara Prefecture

20th Nagasaki Hansen Matsuri in Nagasaki Prefecture (few days in late April)

21st Shomiekudai Hoyo at Amanosan Kongoji in Osaka

22nd Taga Horse Festival in Saga Prefecture

23rd Ichinomiya Matsuri at Watatsu Shrine in Niigata Prefecture

24th Kinosaki Onsen Onsenmatsuri in Hyogo Prefecture (Apr 23rd, 24th)

25th Monjue at Kofukuji Higashikondo in Nara Prefecture

26th Motoiseharu no Taisai at Motoise Naigu Kotai Shrine in Kyoto

27th Suwa Jinja Reitaisai (Mando Matsuri) at Suwa Shrine in Niigata Prefecture

28th Kitakami Tenshochi Cherry Blossom Festival at Tenshochi Park in Iwate Prefecture (mid-April – end of April)

29th Awara Hot Springs Festival in Fukui Prefecture

30th Demachi Kodomo Kabuki Hikiyama Matsuri at Demachi Shinmeigu in Toyama Prefecture (Apr 30th – May 1st)


1st Toyama Takaoka Mikurumayama Festival in Toyama Prefecture (Apr 30th, May 1st)

2nd Shimonoseki Kaikyo Festival in Yamaguchi Prefecture (May 2nd – 4th)

3rd Hakata Dontaku Festival in Fukuoka Prefecture (May 3rd, 4th)

4th Naha Hurley in Okinawa (May 3rd – 5th)

5th Sushi Festival at Shimoniikawa Shrine in Shiga Prefecture (May 4th – 5th)

6th Tonami Tulip Fair at Tonami Tulip park in Toyama Prefecture (Apr 28th – May 6th)

7th Yamada Koinobori Festival at Tachibana Fureai Park in Chiba Prefecture (end of April – mid May for 3 weeks)

8th Matsuodera no Butsumai at Matsuodera Temple in Kyoto

9th Cherry Blossom in Hinokinai River Bank in Akita Prefecture (Late April – Beginning of May)

10th Gojotenjinsha Reisai at Gojo Tenjinsha in Kyoto

11th Oze Ukai at Nagaragawa Kahan Oze in Gifu Prefecture (May 11th – Oct 15th)

12th Mikage Matsuri at Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto

13th Nomi Shinmei-Gu Taisai Festival at Nomi Shinmei-Gu Shrine in Aichi Prefecture (May 12th – 13th)

14th Shoju Raigo Nerikuyoeshiki at Taimadera Temple in Nara Prefecture

15th Aoi Matsuri in Kyoto

16th Hyakumanbene (Ojuzukuri) Yuzu Nenbutsue at Dainenbutsuji Shrine in Osaka

17th Takabe Shrine Hocho-siki in Chiba Prefecture

18th Iwase Hikiyama Festival at Iwase Suwa Shrine in Toyama Prefecture (May 17th – 18th)

19th Sakata Matsuri (Sanosai) in Yamagata Prefecture (May 19th – 21st)

20th Mikuni Matsuri at Mikuni Shrine I Fukui Prefecture (May 19th – 21st)

21st Mokari Shinji at Futamiokitama Shrine in Mie Prefecture

22nd Toyokawainari (Gogatsu Taisai) at Toyokawa Inari Tokyo Betsuin in Tokyo

23rd Nagai Kurojishi Matsuri at Matsugaike Park in Yamagata Prefecture (Mid-May)

24th Togenuki Jizoson Reitaisai at Togenuki Jizoson Koganji in Tokyo (Jan 24, May 24th, Oct 24th)

25th Tsuruoka Tenjin Matsuri (Bakemono Matsuri) at Tsuruoka Tenmangu in Yamagata Prefecture

26th Nankosai at Minatogawa Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture (May 24th – 26th)

27th Munakata Taisha Okitsumiya Genchi Taisai in Fukuoka Prefecture

28th Fukiagehama Suna No Saiten Festival in Kagoshima Prefecture (May 3rd – 30th)

29th Yokohama Kaikosai at Rinkai Park in Kanagawa Prefecture (Late May – Early Jun)

30th Daisenji Miyuki at Daisenji Shuhen in Tottori Prefecture (Late May once every 3 years)

31st Sanno Matsuri at Hieda Shrine in Toyama Prefecture (May 31st – Jun 2nd)


1st Yudonosan Jinja Hongu Kaizansai in Yamagata Prefecture

2nd Kyoto Takigi Noh at Heian Shrine in Kyoto (Jun 1st, 2nd)

3rd Shirane Odako Gassen at Nakanokuchigawa Teiboue in Niigata Prefecture (early June)

4th Yamashiro Onsen Shobuyu Matsuri in Ishikawa Prefecture (Jun 4th, 5th)

5th Agata Matsuri at Agata Shrine in Kyoto

6th Rokkosan Groom Matsuri at Rokkosan Kinenhidai in Hyogo Prefecture (early June)

7th Sanno Festival at Hieda Shrine in Tokyo (Jun 7th – 17th every even-numbered year)

8th Taihei Shinjisai at Agata Shrine in Kyoto

9th Ikeda Taisai at Suhaasugi Shrine in Fukui Prefecture (Jun 9th – 11th)

10th Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri at Namiyoke Inari Shrine in Tokyo (mid-June)

11th Noto Yosakoi Matsuri at in Ishikawa Prefecture (mid-June)

12th Sado Kanzo Matsuri in Niigata Prefecture (mid-June)

13th Kogane Chimaki Eshiki at Koninji Temple in Nara Prefecture

14th Okoshiya Matsuri at Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture

15th Aoba Matsuri at Chishakuin in Kyoto

16th Hokkaido Jingu Reisai in Hokkaido (Sapporo) (Jun 14th – 16th)

17th Saikusano Matsuri (Yurimatsuri) at Isagawa Shrine in Nara Prefecture (Jun 16th – 18th)

18th Chuzenji Kannonko at Nikkosan Chuzenji Tachiki Kannondo in Tochigi Prefecture (Nikko)

19th Goinsai at Kanaya-cho Kakuchonai in Toyama Prefecture (Jun 19th, 20th)

20th Taketori Eshiki at Kuramadera Temple in Kyoto

21st Torimi Park Iris Festival in Fukushima Prefecture (mid-June – end of June)

22nd Akasaki Matsuri at Akasaki Shrine in Mie Prefecture

23rd Takekuyo (Ganfuji Natsumatsuri) at Daianji Temple in Nara Prefecture

24th Isobe no Omita in mie Prefecture

25th Tanshinsai Kitano Tenmangu in Kyoto

26th Yosakoi Tsugaru in Aomori Prefecture (late June)

27th Otasan Jinja Reitaisai at Otasan Shrine in Hokkaido (Jun 27th – 28th)

28th Nasunamikiri Fudoson Himatsuri at Konjoin in Tochigi Prefecture

29th Kashima Nagashi at Marukogawa Kahan in Akita Prefecture (late June)

30th Nagoshi-no Oharae Festival at Akiba Shrine in Chiba Prefecture


1st Suijosai Katashiro Nagashi at Torigoe Shrine in Tokyo

2nd Hakodate Minato Matsuri in Hokkaido (Jul 1st – 3rd)

3rd Toide Tanabata Matsuri in Toide town in Toyama Prefecture (Jul 3rd – 7th)

4th Hakata Gion Yamakasa in Fukuoka Prefecture (Jul 1st – 15th)

5th Himatsuri (Bikuni Jinja Reitaisai) at Bikuni Shrine in Hokkaido (Jul 4th – 6th)

6th Murakami Taisai at Senami Haguro Shrine in Niigata Prefecture (Jul 6th – 7th)

7th Renaijoju Tanabata Matsuri at Jinushi Shrine in Kyoto

8th Asagao Market in Tokyo (Jul 6th – 8th)

9th Miyakonojo Rokugatsudo “Okage Matsuri” in Miyazaki Prefecture (Jul 8th – 9th)

10th Hozuki-Ichi Festival in Tokyo (Jul 9th – 11th)

11th Toki kuyoe to Zenkoku Tokiichi in Kyoto (Jul 9th – 11th)

12th Kuki Chochin Matsuri “Tennosama” in Saitama Prefecture (Jul 12th, 18th)

13th Kumata Jinja Natsumatsuri at kumata Shrine in Osaka (Jul 11th – 14th)

14th Nachi Ohgi Matsuri at Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine in Wakayama Prefecture

15th Miminashi Hoichi Festival at Akama Shrine in Yamaguchi Prefecture

16th Rokugatsudo Festival at Terukuni Shrine in Kagoshima Prefecture (Jul 1st – Aug 5th)

17th Tsukaidanjiri in Sumoto town in Hyogo Prefecture

18th Taiko Matsuri (Kora Jinja Reisai) at Kora Shrine in Kyoto (Jul 17th – 18th)

19th Chichibu Kawase Matsuri at Chichibu Shrine in Saitama Prefecture (Jul 19th – 20th)

20th Gion Matsuri in Kyoto (Jul 1st – Jul 31st)

21st Hirose Gion Matasuri in Yasugi town in Shimane Prefecture (Jul 19th – 21st)

22nd Aizutajima Gion Matsuri in Minamiaizu town in Fukushima Prefecture (Jul 22nd – 24th)

23rd Osorezan Taisai Festival at Osorezanbodaiji Temple in Aomori Prefecture (July 20th – 24th)

24th Hotokegaura Matsuri in Saimura village in Aomori Prefecture

25th Tenjin Matsuri at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine in Osaka (Jul 24th, 25th)

26th Gion Festival in Tako town in Chiba Prefecture (Jul 26th, 27th)

27th Sumiyoshi Shrine Summer Festival in Oita Prefecture

28th Kibune Festival in Manazuru town in Kanagawa Prefecture (Jul 27th, 28th)

29th Hokkai Heso Matsuri in Furano town in Hokkaido (Jul 28th – 29th)

30th Sumiyoshi Taisha Festival in Osaka (Sea Day, Jul 30th – Aug 1st)

31st Onpara Matsuri at Tsunakoshi Shrine in Nara Prefecture


1st Hayachine Jinja Reitaisai at Hayachine Shrine in Iwate Prefecture (Jul 31st, Aug 1st)

2nd Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival in Aomori Prefecture (Jul 31st – Aug 4th)

3rd Kuroishi Neputa Matsuri in Aomori Prefecture (Jul 30th – Aug 5th)

4th Sansa Dancing Festival in Iwate Prefecture (Aug 1st – 4th)

5th Akita Kanto Festival in Akita Prefecture (Aug 3rd – 7th)

6th Tanabata Chochin Matsuri in Yamaguchi Prefecture (Aug 6th – 7th)

7th The Nebuta Festival in Aomori Prefecture (Aug 2nd – 7th)

8th Hanawa Neputa Matsuri in Akita Prefecture (Aug 7th – 8th)

9th Manto Kuyo Hoyo Candle Festival at Shitennoji temple in Kyoto (Aug 9th – 16th)

10th Izuna Himatsuri at Izuna Kogen in Nagano Prefecture

11th Hokkai-Bon Dance Festival at Oodori park in Sapporo in Hokkaido (Aug 11th – 17th)

12th Sanuki Takamatsu Festival in Kagawa Prefecture (Aug 12th – 14th)

13th Obon Mitamama Festival at Fukuoka Gokoku Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture (Aug 13th – 15th)

14th Bicchu Takahashi Matsuyama Odori Festival in Wakayama Prefecture (Aug 14th – 16th)

15th Shoro Nagashi Festival in Nagasaki Prefecture

16th Kuroishi Yosare Dance Festival in Aomori Prefecture (Aug 15th – 16th)

17th Tsukinowa Shinji in Yasugi town in Shimane Prefecture (Aug 15th – 17th)

18th Jangara Matsuri in Hirado town in Nagasaki Prefecture (Aug 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th)

19th Kushiro Shimin Hokkai Bonodori in Kushiro city in Hokkaido

20th Hirosegawa Toronagashi at Hirosegawa Miyazawabashi shita Tokusetsukaijo Shrine in Miyagi Prefecture

21st Kemanai Bon Odori Dance Festival in Kazeno town in Akita Prefecture (Aug 21st – 23rd)

22nd The Mantou Parade in Nagareyama in Chiba Prefecture

23rd Rokujizo Meguri at Daizenji, Jozenji, Jizoji, Genkoji, Jozenji, Tokurinan temples in Kyoto (Aug 22nd – 23rd)

24th Wajima Taisai in Wajima town in Ishikawa Prefecture (Aug 22nd – 25th)

25th Shinjo Matsuri in Shinjo town in Yamagata Prefecture (Aug 24th – 26th)

26th Yoshida Fire Festival at Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine in Yamanashi Prefecture (Aug 26th – 27th)

27th Mikawa Isshiki Ojochin Matsuri at Suwa Shrine in Aichi Prefecture (Aug 26th – 27th)

28th Suika Matsuri at Uhashi Shrine in Ishikawa Prefecture (Aug 26th – 28th)

29th Nara Wind Chime Festival at Ofusa Kannon in Nara Prefecture (Jul 1st – Aug 31st)

30th Ogi Minato Matsuri at Chonai ichien in Sado town in Niigata Prefecture (Aug 29th – 30th)

31st Nechiyamadera no Ennen Otetekomai at Daimonjidera Hiyoshi Shrine in Niigata Prefecture (Aug 31st – Sep 1st)


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1st Hassaku Matsuri at Oide Shrine in Yamanashi Prefecture

2nd Kashima no Gojinko Chochin Machi at Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture (Sep 1st– 2nd)

3rd Owara Kaze-no-Bon Festival in Yasuo town in Toyama Prefecture (Sep 1st – 3rd)

4th Anzan Festival at Yamanaka Suwa Shrine in Yamanashi Prefecture (Sep 4th – 6th)

5th Sugo Jishi at Hakusan Matsuohakusan Shrine in Gifu Prefecture

6th Naruko Mairi at ShirahigeShrine in Shiga Prefecture (Sep 5th – 6th)

7th Towada City Autumn Festival in Aomori Prefecture (Sep 7th – 9th)

8th Kakunodate Festival in Akita Prefecture (Sep 7th – 9th)

9th Ishidoriya Matsuri at Chuodorishotehgai nado in Iwate Prefecture (Sep 8th – 10th)

10th Akasaki Shrine Festival in Yamaguchi Prefecture

11th Takojima Kiriko Matsuri in Ishikawa Prefecture (Sep 10th – 11th)

12th Kazusa Junisha Festival at Tsurigasaki Coast in Chiba Prefecture (Sep 8th – 14th; 13th – main event)

13th Tamasaki Shrine Autumn Festival in Chiba Prefecture

14th Hitokotonushi Shrine Shukireitaisai (Otsukado no Tsunabi) in Ibaraki Prefecture (Sep 13th – 14th)

15th Fujisakihachimangu Reitaisai in Kumamoto Prefecture (Sep 13th – 17th)

16th Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Reitaisai in Kamakura town in Kanagawa Prefecture (Sep 14th – 16th)

17th Yanagida Taisai at Yanagidahakusan Shrine in Ishikawa Prefecture (Sep 16th – 17th)

18th Toyokuni Shrine Reisai in Kyoto

19th Yabusame Shinji at Samukawa Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture

20th Ikaho Festival in Gunma Prefecture (Sep 18th – 20th)

21st Miyajidake Shrine Shukitaisai (Goshinkosai) in Fukuoka Prefecture (Sep 21st – 23rd)

22nd Ooka Matsuri at Toyokawainari Tokyobetsuin in Tokyo

23rd Daini-Gakumon Festival in Kai town in Yamanashi Prefecture

24th Tenjin-sai Festival at Okazaki Tenman-gu Shrine in Aichi Prefecture (Sep 23rd – 26th)

25th Kokiriko Festival at Kaminashi Shiroyamaguu in Toyama Prefecture (Sep 25th – 26th)

26th Seimeisai at Abenoseimei Shrine and Abeoji Shrine in Osaka

27th Hotaka Shrine Reisai Ofune Matsuri in Nagano Prefecture (Sep 26th – 27th)

28th Shiobaraonsen Koshikiyu Matsuri in Tochigi Prefecture (last days of September)

29th Ikeda Eco Candle Festival in Fukui Prefecture (last days of September)

30th Nagasakikyodo GeinoTaikai in Nagasaki Prefecture (Late Sep – Oct)


1st Shin Minato Hikiyama Festival in Toyama Prefecture

2nd Inami Matsuri at Inamiminato Tosonoshuhen in Wakayama Prefecture (Oct 1st – 2nd)

3rd Tachibana No Kenkadanjiri at Kaishohachiman Shrine in Tokushima Prefecture (Oct 1st – 3rd)

4th Gobo Matsuri at Shinohachiman Shrine in Wakayama Prefecture (Oct 4th – 5th)

5th Nihonmatsu no Chochin Matsuri in Fukushima Prefecture (Oct 4th – 6th)

6th Aoiaso Shrine Reitaisai Okunchi Matsuri in Kumamoto Prefecture (Oct 3rd – 11th)

7th Nagasaki Kunchi Festival in Nagasaki Prefecture (Oct 7th – 9th)

8th Naha Tsunahiki Festival in Okinawa (3 days in October including Sports Day)

9th Imamiya Shrine Reitaisai in Kyoto (Oct 8th – 9th)

10th Marimo Matsuri at Akanko Lake in Hokkaido (Oct 8th – 10th)

11th Watatsumi Shrinr Akimatsuri (Kaijo Togyosai) in Hyogo Prefecture (Oct 10th – 12th)

12th Komyoji no Ojuyahoyo in Kamakura town in Kanagawa Prefecture (Oct 12th – 15th)

13th Oeshiki Festival at Mt. Minobu in Yamanashi Prefecture (Few days around Oct 13th)

14th Hiraoka Shrine Shugosai in Osaka (Oct 14th – 15th)

15th Kiribimatsuri at Kumano Taisha in Shimane Prefecture

16th Oi Shrine Goreisai in Kyoto

17th Yakuo-in Temple Autumn Festival at Mt. Takao in Tokyo

18th Shirahigetawara Shrine Doburoku Matsuri in Oita Prefecture (Oct 17th -18th)

19th Hatsukaebisu Taisai at Ebisu Shrine in Kyoto (Oct 19th – 20th)

20th Reidai Festival at Funabashi Grand Shrine in Chiba Prefecture

21st Oyama Senmaida Night Rice Terrace Festival in Chiba Prefecture (Oct 20th – 22nd)

22nd Kurama no Himatsuri at Yuki Shrine in Kyoto

23rd Kikuna no Ameya Odori in Miura town in Kanagawa Prefecture

24th Hakata Okunchi at Kushida Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture (Oct 23rd – 24th)

25th Kasuga Shrine Shukitaisai in Ehime Prefecture (Oct 24th – 25th)

26th Miyazakijingu Taisai at Miyazaki Shrine in Miyazaki Prefecture

27th Nagano Aso Shrine Shuki Taisai in Kumamoto Prefecture

28th Konomine Shrine Akitaisai in Kochi Prefecture

29th Yumoto Onsen Minato Matsuri in Nagasaki Prefecture

30th Ohoshi Matsuri at Tsumori Jingu Shrine in Kumamoto Prefecture

31st Takinoichi Taki Shrine Saiten in Oita Prefecture (Oct 29th – Nov 1st)


1st Hinoki no Shishimai at Oasahiko Shrine in Tokushima Prefecture

2nd Ohara Matsuri in Kagoshima Prefecture (Nov 2nd – 3rd)

3rd Inaho Festival in Kudamatsu town in Yamaguchi Prefecture

4th Karatsu Kunchi Festival in Saga Prefecture (Nov 2nd – 4th)

5th Shukitaisai narabini Hitakisai at Fujinomori Shrine in Kyoto

6th Wakamiyahachimangu Shrine Akimatsuri in Kochi Prefecture

7th Kifune Momiji Matsuri (Ohitakisai) at Kifune Shrine in Kyoto

8th Fuigo Matsuri at Kanayama Shrine in Aichi Prefecture

9th Junichi Juya Betsujinenbutsue (Ojuya) at Shinshogokurakuji Temple in Kyoto (Nov 5th – 15th)

10th Momiji Matsuri at Kotohiragu in Kagawa Prefecture

11th Arigasai (Mushikirishinji) at Oaraiisosaki Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture

12th Shirakura Hanatori Odori at Shirakura Shrine in Kochi Prefecture

13th Shimotsukitaisai in Himeji town in Hyogo Prefecture (Nov 13th – 16th)

14th Hitakisai at Imahie Shrine in Kyoto

15th Saitodaigomaku at Hojuji in Kyoto

16th Ohitaki Matsuri at Ebisu Shrine in Kyoto

17th Jabonko at Saikoji Temple in Fukui Prefecture

18th Yamakita no Boodori at Asagamiojigu Shrine in Kochi Prefecture

19th Ebisu Taisai (Ebessan) at Ebisu Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture (Nov 18th – 20th)

20th Senbeiyaki Festival at Tenman Shrine and Keidainai Ebisu Shrine in Fukui Prefecture

21st Ryukoji no Oeshiki at Ryukoji Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture

22nd Konpira Matsuri at Konpira Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture (Nov 22nd – 23rd)

23rd Yanai Matsuri in Yamaguchi Prefecture

24th Hagurosan Bonten Matsuri at Hagurosan Shrine in Mie Prefecture (Nov 23rd – 24th)

25th Ikioka Shrine Kodomo Gohanshiki in Tochigi Prefecture

26th Ochatsubo Hokensai Kuchikirishiki at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto

27th Yugyoji no Hitotsubi at Shojokoji Shrine in Kanagawa Prefecture

28th Doburoku Matsuri at Koami Shrine in Tokyo

29th Okinawa International Carnival in Naha Okinawa (Late November)

30th Saga Light Fantasy in Saga Prefecture (Late Oct – Early Jan)


1st Ikoma Shoten Yakuyoke Daikondaki at Hozanji temple in Nara Prefecture

2nd Oshiroi Matsuri at Oyamadumi in Fukuoka Prefecture

3rd Chochinmomi Matsuri at Nogi Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture

4th Omiya Shrine Arai Festival in Chiba Prefecture

5th Tsuno Shrine Winter Festival in Miyazaki Prefecture

6th Sendai Pageant of Starlight in Fukushima Prefecture (whole December)

7th Dango Matsuri at Katori Jingu Shrine in Chiba Prefecture

8th Tashiro no Furyu at Hachiryu Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture

9th Narutaki Daiko Daki at Ryotokuji temple in Kyoto

10th German Christmas Market in Sapporo in Hokkaido (end of November – end of December)

11th Tsukahara Amazake Matsuri at Ononomatsu Shrine in Oita Prefecture

12th Hayakawa Shrine Taisai in Miyazaki Prefecture

13th Kuya Yuyakunenbutsu Genshu at Rokuharamitsuji temple in Kyoto (Dec 13th – 31st)

14th Gishisai at Sengakuji temple in Tokyo

15th Kasuisai Akiha no Himatsuri in Fukuroi town in Shizuoka Prefecture

16th Keta no Umatsuri at Keta Taisha Shrine in Ishikawa Prefecture

17th Kasuga Wakamiya On Matsuri in Nara Prefecture (Dec 15th – 18th)

18th Donane at Kokawadera temple in Wakayama Prefecture

19th Lake Haruna Illumination Festival in Gunma Prefecture beginning of December – Dec 26th)

20th Botanical Garden Winter Illuminations in Hiroshima Prefecture (beginning of December – Dec 25th)

21st Shimaikobo at Toji Shrine in Kyoto

22nd Lights Pageant in Takasaki City in Gunma Prefecture (end of November – beginning of January)

23rd Kabocha Kuyo at Yatadera temple in Kyoto

24th Isedaikagura Somai at Masuda Shrine in Mie Prefecture

25th Hakodate Christmas Fantasy Festival in Hokkaido (Beginning of December – Dec 25th)

26th Kannonsama Ominugui at Natadera in Ishkawa Prefecture

27th Hakata Station Christmas Illumination in Fukuoka Prefecture (end of November – beginning of January)

28th Otakiage Ceremony at Shinshoji Shrine in Chiba Prefecture (End of December)

29th Tenjin Christmas Illumination in Fukuoka (mid November – mid January)

30th Winter Comiket in Tokyo (End of December)

31st Tokyo Shibuya Countdown

Concluding Remarks

Of course, this list doesn’t include all festivals in Japan. This article includes the festivals that last for a few days or take place on the same day every year. However, there are many festivals that are held on specific dates according to the moon calendar, on a certain day of the week, and there are many festivals that take place at the same day. Thus, this table of events does not give a complete information on all festivals in Japan. However, it makes you realize that you will always find a matsuri in Japan at any time of the year!

If you would like to attend one of these events or want a local guide to suggest you the best festival to visit, or even accompany you, please click on the banner below! Huber. will make your stay in Japan even more rewarding!

Would You Like to Know How to Enjoy a Japanese Festival Even More?

A lot of people when they get to a Matsuri for the first time feel a bit lost. They confuse about what is happening around. If you are new to Japanese Festivals or want to know an alternative way of how you can enjoy these events, the following article will provide you with a set of helpful tips on how to choose a proper festival and activities you should try there. Please don`t hesitate to take a look at it!


Don’t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

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For all foodies who enjoy Japanese Festivals would be nice to get acquainted with the rich choice offered by Yatai (Japanese festival food stalls). The food presented during Matsuri is pretty different from the one you get at the restaurants in Japan. Besides, there is a certain charm in grabbing some snack from a food stall and diving back into the festival crowd. I am sure that you will discover something new about Japanese festival food from the following article!



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