Fuji Shibazakura Festival 2019 – Relax at the Moss Phlox Festival in Yamanashi



Fuji Shibazakura Festival is an outstanding event close to Mt. Fuji. Shibazakura means Moss Phlox in Japanese. However, Sakura or cherry blossoms are the symbol of spring in Japan. Many people are looking forward to the bloom of cherry blossoms every year. Not only the normal Sakura but also Moss Phlox – Shibazakura is a popular flower in Japan. It is a perennial of the family Polemoniaceae and a species of phlox. It is exceptionally beautiful when a large number of moss phloxes bloom all over the park. Also, what is outstanding at this Fuji moss phlox festival is that you can see Japan’s symbol, Mt Fuji, as well as the moss phlox, which is amazing as the views perfectly match.

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About Fuji Moss Phlox Festival

Fuji Moss Phlox Festival or Fuji Shibazakura Festival takes place every year from the middle of April to the end of May when the moss phloxes bloom. You can see over 800 thousand moss phloxes blooming beautifully all over the large land around Fuji Motosuko Resort. The gradation of light pink, strong pink, and white moss phloxes and the Mt. Fuji at the back of moss phloxes are tremendously beautiful. This is one of the greatest spots to see the highest mountain in Japan as well. Fuji Moss Phlox Festival is the largest moss phlox festival in the metropolitan area around Tokyo. You can also see some unique patterns of moss phloxes that you may not encounter in the other places.

At the Fuji Moss Phlox Festival, not only you can enjoy the beautiful moss phloxes, but also have Sakura snacks, ride on a balloon, and take a footbath. In addition, some street performances take place during the moss phlox season. I highly recommend you enjoy a day with family or friends. It’s a great place to bring children too as there are many attractions that kids will enjoy.

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The Species of Moss Phlox at Fuji Shibazakura Festival

There are eight species of moss phloxes that you can see at Fuji Moss Phlox Festival. Here is the description of some popular types of them. McDaniel’s Cushion is the moss phlox with dark pink petals, giving it a strong presence, and native to North America. Autumn Rose’s rose-pink color has led it to be called the “Pink Shiba-sakura.” Willowy and elegant, full of feminine gentleness, it brings graceful pink clouds. Mont-Blanc’s cultivar is exemplary of white moss pink. The leaves have a yellow-green coloring, which makes it easy to distinguish from other varieties.

Tama-no-Nagare is a unique type of moss phlox. The petals are edged with white borders, giving them the appearance of beautiful spotted patterns, like pink pinstripes. Oakington Blue-Eyes is a unique soft purple color species. The petals are a dark red-purple, and it seduces viewers into a world of romantic beauty. The center of the flower is strongly tinted blue, giving a sense of purity.

Details and Access

Date: From the middle of April to the end of May. 13th of April to the 26th of May, 2019.
Time: From 8 am to 5 pm
Place: Fuji Motosuko Resort
Address: 212 Motosu, Fuji Kawaguchiko Cho, Minami Tsuru Gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
Price: Entry fee: 600 Yen for adults and 250 Yen for children
Parking fee: 500 Yen for a normal size car
Official website: http://www.shibazakura.jp/eng/
Access: Get off at Kawaguchiko station and take the bus – Shibazakuea liner (takes about 40 minutes).

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Closing Remarks

Fuji moss phlox festival is one of the best places to enjoy Japanese spring. You will enjoy various types of moss phloxes blooming all over the resort. You cannot miss the best picture spots with the mat of moss phloxes and beautiful Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is known as the symbol of Japan and had been in Japanese people’s spirits for centuries. This is truly incredible to see the symbol mountain of Japan and the symbol flower of spring together. Moreover, since Fuji Motosuko resort has other facilities that visitors can enjoy such as cafes, shops, footbath, and balloons, I highly recommend you to visit there with your family and friends to spend a nice day.

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