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When you hear “Gion festival”, is Kyoto the first thing you can imagine? However, the Gion Festival in Takomachi, Chiba Prefecture is a festival where spectacular festival car(山車) walk around the town. Additionally you cannot miss the “Shiikago-mai”(しいかご舞:dance) wich was designated as Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Chiba Prefecture in 1975.
Fireworks can also be launched on the second day.

About Takomachi Gion Festival:

The Tako Gion Festival, which is becoming a summer traditional event. This festival has continued since the Edo era, the festival car (山車)was made in Tenpo 10 (1839)gorgeously walking competident through the town. The smell of cotton candy, the squeaky sound of the festival car, the flute, the wadaiko are also lively … When a person gush and the town gathers. On the same day, “Shiikagai” is dedicated to Holy Ghost. Fireworks start around 8:30 pm on the 26th (about 500 shots)

Things To Do And See:

Tako Gion Festival is held every year on July 25th and 26th. In the festival that continues from the Edo era, Geisha (dancers) dance on the elegant festival cars that are dispatched from the four towns to the sound of the accompaniment. Young people also dance and fireworks are launched in the night sky. Also, on July 26, at Yasaka Shrine Gion festival day, it is “Shiikago Mai(しいかご舞)”that elected people dedicate on the temporary stage in front of the shrine. It is designated as Chiba Prefecture Designated Intangible Cultural Asset. Although the beginning of this votive ceremony is unknown, it is presumed from the middle Edo period because there are the letters written “the first year of Tenmei (1781)” in the mask of the monkey being used.

Mai(dancing) is that the young people chosen from three towns put on the face such as monkey, lion, deer, rain frog, and dance with steps tailored to the flute’s tone. It is extremely simple to dance, but it feels power and tradition.

Leader who climbs a large pillar of 10 meters in length with a monkey mask and plays(upside down or hanging) on a pillar,
It finishes by dropping the last installed fan.

This is a votive dedication to Holy Ghost with hope of good harvest, get rid of evil illness, descendants prosperity.
On the day of the festival, festival cars of four towns are hauled along with the music of the festival, a lot of spectators gather and enjoy it.

Details and Access:

Date and time

July 25th and 26th


Takmachio and Yasaka Shrine

〒 289-2241 2695 Tako Takomachi Katorigun Chiba Prefecture

By car

About 20 minutes from East Kanto Auto Road Narita IC and Taiei IC
About 20 minutes from Choshi Communication Road Yokoshibahikari IC

By train / bus

From JR Narita station,
JR Yokkaichiba station,
JR Yokoshiba Station,
Take JR bus, get off at Takoshinmachi bus stop.

Other things:

Roadside station”Hydrangea House”

Roadside station”Hydrangea House” has parking lots and toilets that can be used 24 hours a day. In addition Tako-rice, yamato potato and grapes are sold at the shop as “agricultural products” and “special products”. And various functions are provided as a base for sending regional information such as culture, history and sightseeing spots.
Please drop in at the contact station at the side of the Kuriyama River.

Business hours

9: 00-18: 00
〒289-2241 Katorigun Takomachi 1069-1

20 minutes by bus from airport second building station
From Narita Terminal 2 Building Station Takomachi line shuttle bus about 20 minutes, get off at
Ride fare 300 yen

Kasuga Shrine

It is the tutelary God of the former Minaminamiki village.
It is said that there is a benefit that the cold of a child is cured and it overcomes the disease. You must go up the steep stairs to the shrine. It is a very tasteful building.


Minaminamiki 257 Takomachi, Katorigun, Chiba Prefecture 289-2255


” Shiikago Mai” designated as an intangible folk cultural property in Chiba prefecture in 1975.
Just watching it is worth enough. If you are watching traditional Japanese music (flute and Japanese drum) and simple dancing, you will fall into the illusion as if you time slipped into the Edo period.

The real Kyoto Gion Festival

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