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My Daily Life in Hokkaido has Become Even More Enriching with Huber.!


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I’m Kaori, from the Hokkaido Guide Community!
When I was a student, I wasn’t very good at English! I didn’t think I would use English for work as a student, but I was interested in going overseas and eventually during my early 20’s, I went to Canada for working holiday as a Japanese teacher! Through my everyday interactions, I was able to study English, and eventually master it. Now, it became one of my important communication tools.

How did you overcome your difficulties with English?

“If you can speak English, you can communicate with many more people.” Thinking about this, I kept practicing to be able to communicate with more people! There were times when it was frustrating though. I wasn’t able to convey what I wanted due to lack of vocabulary. However, by acquiring the necessary English skills, I was able to overcome these challenges.

Introduction to Huber

In 2016, one of my longtime friends told me: “It suits you!” and introduced me to Huber. I became more interested and started being a guide!
When I first heard about Huber., I felt that I wanted to convey the charm and attractiveness of Hokkaido to others outside of the area! Not like a travel agency, but rather like I am guiding my friends, family, and other people important to me, to places that I like and find interesting. I began to think of being able to cater to the requests of the individuals, not doing normal trips, and making the experience more fun!

Last year’s experiences as a guide

I guided two guests from America and Germany in February 2017. When we started the trip, it was not only my first time to meet them, but it was their first time to meet each other as well!
They seemed to have come to Japan several times already, but this time, they were interested in Vocaloid! The guests were also interested in seeing shrines, so we went to see small shrines as well, which was very fun and interesting. One of the reasons the American guest came to Japan was because she enjoys taking pictures and said, “I want to take pictures of nature!”.

What are the characteristics of being a Hokkaido guide?

Our meeting place in the morning was a car rental shop! In order to see the beautiful scenery and the lake, a car was needed. While driving, we talked about many different things and visited convenience stores to buy snacks. It really felt like we were taking a road trip as friends!
Just as we reached the peak with snow, there was an illumination event and other things going on. In Hokkaido, you can see these things and experience the beauty and uniqueness of Hokkaido!
After the trip was over, I was told: “I have never been to a pub!” So, we decided to go to a pub together! As we drank, we talked about our hobbies and interests, while showing each other photos. It was a great time indeed!
Tokyo may be a bit different, but the Hokkaido community is centered around the Hokkaido society and its people. The community is made up of a diverse group of individuals, and at dinner parties, it becomes very fun! Everyone talks about their current situations and what is going on with each other. Thus, everyone has a great time!

What do you like about Hokkaido?


I love Hokkaido! I love food, nature, and good places too! Also, Hokkaido is spacious so you can see various types of sceneries wherever you go! With the distinctive four seasons in Hokkaido, it feels like the summer is really a summer, and the winter is really a winter, where you can enjoy different things during each season. The people are very nice, warm, and welcoming, and you will return home with a very warm feeling inside!

“The air is excellent! The food is delicious! Nature is breathtaking! The people are nice!” These are all things that you can experience, along with so much more attractive qualities of Hokkaido!
There is also a convenience stores chain with local roots called SeicoMart! Even during disasters, they provide support.
Hokkaido is a great place with many attractive qualities and unique charm!


You can be a guide in your favorite city, the way you want to. You can also participate in international exchange and make new friends! This is one of the enjoyable and fun points of Huber. TOMODACHI GUIDE!
Everything you see and experience is always new so you can enjoy going anywhere!
Let’s meet new friends in your city and make some fun and great memories!

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