Hankou Temple : There is famous temple of Nichiren-Buddhism



In Sosa city, north-east area of Chiba Pre., there is famous temple of Nichiren-Buddhism, “Hankouji”. It was the oldest “Danrin” college of Buddhism which was established in 1580. We call it “Iidaka-Danrin”.

For 294 years, many Buddhist gathered there to study. Iidaka-Danrin had prospered under the protection of authorities, such as Ieyasu Tokugawa, and been classified as a high-level college. Students transferred from other Danrin had entered lower level class. It is said that 600-800 students learned there at it’s peak and many distinguished priests had graduated. 8 courses were prescribed and in order to complete them, which needed 36 years !

Festival Break down:

In 1874, it was closed under the reform of the educational system, and Rissho University has succeeded its name.
Now, the wholetemple is authorized as historical spot by Sosa city, and the auditorium, belfry, drum tower, and main gate are protected as important cultural property. Repair works improved the main hall.
Iidaka Danrin is a calm, impressive place with full dignity. To reach the main gate, we have to go up the steep stairs, and old cedar trees beside promenade tell us its history.

Please visit the tourist information center in the south parking lot in the temple. A guidebook is available there and you can reserve free tourist guide service from Friday to Monday..


Address: Iidaka 1789, Sosa city, Chiba pref.
Phone: 0427-73-0089
Parking: Capacity 70 cars
Bath room is available
URL: http://www.city.sosa.lg.jp/index.cfm/16,729,235,html

Tender green festival:

Once a year in spring, tender green festival is held there.

A concert is performed in the auditorium of Iidaka Danrin..This graceful facility is with a gabled, hipped roof and is the biggest cultural property in Chiba. It is suitable for classical music.

Local orchestra “UFO” and guest musicians play beautiful music and many audiences enjoy. In addition, flowers of 500 peony trees there please you in that season. White, pink, purple flowers are attractive!

Sosa city:

The north area of Sosa city is full of hills and volleys, while south area faces to Kujuukuri seashore, so it is is a beautiful city full of nature. The main product is garden plants. Over 300 kinds of plants for admiration, hedges, roadside trees, landscape gardening are delivered from this city. People love trees and flowers here so events affiliated with flowers are sometimes held. Especially the first week of April is enjoyable season so sightseeing bus is served then, which makes a tour around the tulip festival in Nosaka flower park, Iidaka Temple, and Koumon cherry tree.

Other things to do in Sosa city:

Sosa tourist products center “Meguri no Sato”

This facility is both tourist information center and direct sales store. It is located in front of Youkaichiba station, so it is very convenient. You can enjoy sushi, lunch box with local rice, and crepe and soft ice cream, as well as local fresh vegetables, fruits, and nursery plants.


Address: Yokaichiba “イ”137-1, Sousa city, Chiba pref.
Phone: 0479-85-5015

Fureai park Yokaichiba

Events are held here almost every month. .It is direct shop which over 120 kinds of seasonal farm products, processed local goods, and plants. In “Satono sakura”, local food restaurant, you can enjoy several home cuisines.


Address: Iizuka 299-2, Sousa city, Chiba pref.
Phone: 0479-79-5080
URL: http://fureaipark.jp/index.html

Yaegaki shrine Gion festival:

This festival is one of the biggest events in Chiba pref. It is a traditional ritual which succeeds over 300 years! The date for the exhibition is fixed, 4th and 5th August. About 20 portable shrines parade in the town and participants shout high-spirited yell, “Anrya-Dosita!” Visitors spray water on them to cheer. It’s very exciting!


The shape of portable shrines are characteristic in this area, and especially, women are permitted to carry them. Generally, it is restricted for women to join ritual directly in Japan.
The enshrined deity is Susanonomikoto, who is known as the god of marriage. Why don’t you join this festival to make a good match?

Inquiry desk: Commerce and Tourism team, Industrial Development Division, Sosa city
Phone: 0479-73-0089
URL: http://www.city.sosa.lg.jp/index.cfm/16,6782,236,html

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