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What do you think about chinaware in Japan? It has various kinds and one of them is Hasami-Yaki (Yaki means ware) which is famous in Japan. You will find it at Hasami Porcelain Festival in Nagasaki. So you may find good chinaware for a very reasonable price there. In this article, I’m going to tell you more about Japanese porcelain and this charming event!

Festival Features

This festival looks more like a market rather than a festival. However, you can see mobile vending stands – yatai which you can see at the festivals and buy food or drinks there. This festival takes place in Hasami town in Nagasaki Prefecture which is close to the mountains and is famous for its own chinaware. Hasami chinaware has about 400 years of history. Besides, in 2018 the festival celebrated its 60th anniversary.

What is Hasami Chinaware?

Hasami chinaware which was the first chinaware for citizens of Japan is made of stone powder. (In the past, chinaware was a high-class item) The feature of it is clear white porcelain.

These days, Hasami Chinaware has various colors and kinds but the beautiful original look remains even now.

What is Hasami Chinaware Festival?

At this festival, you can buy Hasami Chinaware at a reasonable price. For example outlet items, discounted lines items or second-hand items. Also, the products have a modern design so they can be used in daily life.

Festival Events

This festival also has some interesting events. At 2018’s festival you could enjoy the following activities.

Lottery: Per 2,000 JPY you can get one ticket and do a lottery. They have some extraordinary pizes so it may be fun to join it.
Ceramics painting: To enjoy it, you must pay but you can get your original Hasami Chinaware. It will be a great experience and a memory.
Material casting: Do you want to know the skills of Hasami Chinaware makers? Then, there are two places to study these skills at the venue.

Details and Access

Dates: 29th April to 5th May (2018). The 2019 event dates are not decided yet. Please refer to the official website for more detailed information.
Place: Yakimono Park Square and Hasami・Arita Inter Square
Address: Iseki-Go, Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture
Official Homepage (Japanese only): http://hasamiyaki.com/toukimatsuri/top.html


Two places host this festival. Yakimono Park Square is the main venue where you can experience events and see many Hasami Chinaware. To get there by train, you should go to JR Arita Station and from there a free shuttle bus will pick you up and bring you to the venue. Four buses per hour run between 9 am to 5 pm. Also, you can get there by car and Hasami town has many parking areas during the festival.

By train: From JR Arita Station, you can take a bus
By car: 10 minutes from Ureshino IC, 5 minutes from Hasami・Arita IC
Phone number: 0956-85-2214
Place: Togei no Yakata (陶芸の館)
Address: 2255-2 Iseki-go, Hasami town, Higashisonogi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture
Schedule: 9:00-17:00 (2018)
Information: 0956-85-2214 Hasami Chinaware Festival Association

Closing Remarks

I hope you can find good tableware at Hasami Porcelain Festival. It is also fun to buy stuff which we use for Japanese style meals like rice bowls or teacups. They will make you feel like you are close to Japan.

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