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The Hikari Fireworks Festival is an exciting event in Yamaguchi. This festival started not so long ago, but many people come to see fireworks. In fact, Hikari Fireworks Festival is the twelfth most popular festival in Yamaguchi. At this festival, you can feel the harmony of the sound between waves and fireworks because fireworks experts set off fireworks on the surface of the sea.
In this article, I am going to introduce you to the Hikari Fireworks Festival, tell you how wonderful it is, and what you should do to enjoy it comfortably.

Purpose of Hikari Fireworks Festival

Hikari city was very small, and a few travelers came. In order to revitalize Hikari city, its leader came up with the great idea – to start an amazing fireworks festival. Because of this festival, not only Japanese travelers but also a lot of foreign travelers visit the city now.

Kinds of Fireworks

At the Hikari Fireworks Festival, you can see two kinds of fireworks. One is Enka Hanabi, the other is Suityu Hanabi. Enka Hanabi is a normal round firework which blows overhead.

Some people may say that it lacks punch. However, this festival makes them satisfied. That’s because Suityu Hanabi is a firework which blows in the sea. So, you can see it so closely. I would like to tell you how Suityu Hanabi is set off. Fireworks experts who ride motorboats throw lots of the round shells while they are escaping from the explosion. You can feel even more excited if you imagine in which danger the fireworks experts are.


In Yamaguchi, there are many delicious foods. Among them, especially blowfish and Kawara-Soba are very popular. For foreigners, it seems to be dangerous to eat blowfish because it has poison. Thanks to the experts who have special licenses, you can eat them safely, and I’m sure that you will be into blowfish.

Even though you might have no courage to eat this fish, I hope you will try Kawara-soba. Kawara-soba is different from yakisoba in texture. It is very crispy and almost cold. In addition, unlike blowfish, you can buy it easily at any food stand.


On Nizigahama beach, there are only 5 public restrooms. Because many people use them, it takes you a lot of time to wait. Also, they are not so clean. So, I advise you to bring portable toilets (like many Japanese do). Another problem is with insects. Nearby the sea, many mosquitos make you feel irritated. So, I suggest you buy insecticides.

Details and Access

Dates: July 28th. (July 30th if it rains on 28th)
Brief Schedule: July 28th
19:50 The announcement of the leader of Hikari city
20:00-21:00 Fireworks display
22:00 All of the stands close
Place: The beach of Nizigahama
International Reception and Info: Hikari Fireworks Festival pamphlet available in Japanese and in English.
Home Page:光花火大会/
Address: The beach of Nizigahama- Nizigahama, Hikari, Yamaguchi
Access: For Nizigahama
From JR Sanyo line Hikari station 5 min. walk.
From Sanyou road Kumamge IC 20 min. by car.
Parking: Three free parking areas are available
-The ground in the Asae junior high school-
-The ground in sewage plant-
-Hikari City Hall-

Closing Remarks

Hakari city is not so big and popular, but the people there and a great beach for sure will make you feel relaxed. Until the festival starts, I advise you to enjoy swimming at Nizigahama beach and kill some time. Don’t miss the chance to visit this exciting festival.

The local guides are here to help! If you need any help and would like a local guide to tell you more about Hikari Fireworks Festival or even more, please check the banner below! It is always better to know someone local on such a great and exciting event as Hikari Fireworks Festival.

All images are courtesy of Yamaguchi Prefectural Tourism Federation

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