Botanical Garden Winter Illuminations: Visit Hiroshima to see this great view



One famous winter illumination spot in Hiroshima is the Hiroshima Peace Boulevard but there’s more to Hiroshima winter than just that! The Hiroshima Botanical Garden located between the heart of Hiroshima City and Miyajima Island is famous for various events all seasons. One highlight is the winter illuminations.

The entrance is illuminated so as to guide you to a world of fantasy. Once you enter the Hiroshima Botanical Garden, it is very different from the ordinary scenery. The whole garden is filled with colorful illuminations. Restaurant and café inside the Botanical Garden are open at night during the event so you can take time and enjoy the night over dinner as well. The Hiroshima Botanical Garden has events all seasons so you should visit even if it’s not winter!

About the Hiroshima Botanical Garden Winter Illuminations


The Hiroshima Botanical Garden


Every weekend and the national holiday in December (up until around Christmas)


9:00am to 9:00pm (admission ends at 8:30pm)


170yen to 500yen depending on age (free for junior high students and younger)
Transportation: Free shuttle bus leaves from the JR Itsukaichi station (may vary annually)

About the Hiroshima Botanical Garden (during regular days)

Open all days except for Fridays (Hours: 9:00am-4: 30 pm)
Fee: 170yen to 500yen depending on age (Free for junior high students and younger)

Other places to visit while in Hiroshima

Hiroshima has two World Heritage Sites. One is Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island and the other, Atomic Bomb Dome at the Peace Memorial Park. They are places most tourists come to Hiroshima for but my recommendation is to see the Orizuru tower too! You can get a good view of the city from the top floor and learn the history of Hiroshima.

Hiroshima is attractive all seasons and there are many events you can’t miss! Come stop by and learn the history, enjoy the scenery and taste great food!

(NOTE: Images are samples from the past and illumination designs may vary annually)

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Hello from Hiroshima! I have been living here for almost 20 years now. I hope I can be of help so that you can have a life time experience in Hiroshima!

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