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Spring season is the season of joy, after months of dull weathers and bitter coldness. Honjo Sakura Festival in Akita will help you to revitalize with nature! Trees grow, flowers bloom, and many places become colorful the spring nature. I like the spring in Japan because many beautiful flowers and trees bloom with their full passion, as well as in the other countries. Especially cherry flowers are stunning. Cherry blossoms create one of the main events in spring in Japan. In this article, I am going to introduce an event where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms and explore the northern part of Japan!

Festival Breakdown

This cherry blossoms festival takes place in Honjo, Akita prefecture. The event goes on for several days at the Honjo park which stands on the ruins of a traditional castle. When you come to this park in April, you will notice over a thousand cherry trees in full bloom. The flowers bloom all at once in the mid-April, covering the whole park in bright pink and giving it a wondrous atmosphere. During the festival period, various events take place on different days, and you can also enjoy great food while you’re there!

Things to Do and See

The main goal of this event is to enjoy the beautiful flowers. Why not just to take a quiet walk in the park and let yourself sink into the relaxing atmosphere? I suggest you try good food during the event at the festival stalls. So, grab something to eat, and go for a picnic!

Don’t miss special events that take place on different days. During the festival, you will have a chance to visit a flea market or the traditional doll theater (puppet show) that has its origins in the Meiji period. At the tea party, you can drink Japanese tea prepared in a traditional way! Besides, a kite flying event for kids will be amazing, so bring your whole family!

After a great day of fun, come back again at night as the cherry trees in the park feature wonderful illumination. You will be able to experience a completely different atmosphere from what you have seen during the day time. It will be romantic indeed.

Details and Access

Dates: April 13th – 21st, 2019
Brief schedule:
April 13th

– Opening Ceremony Honjo Park Castle Gate

From April 13th – 21st – Garden Bonsai open exhibition

April 14th

– “Sakura Puppet Show” at Tsurumai Onsen Oval Area
– Sakura Festival Tea House

April 20th

– Super God Nager Show & Handshake Photo Event
– Flea Market at Honjo Park Square
– Folk Song Stage at Honjo Park Outdoor Stage

April 21st

– The 51st City Kanko Sakura Song Contest at Honso Grand Hotel
– Chibiko Kite Festival at Honjo Park Front Square
– Children’s Firefighting Experience at Honso Fire Station
– Folk Songs / Amateur Band Performers at Honso Park Outdoor Stage
– Buddha’s Nativity Meeting (Hana Matsuri/Flowe Festival) in Honjo Park
Place: Honjo Park
Address: Ozaki, Yurihonjo, Akita
Official website (Japanese only): http://www.yurihonjo-kanko.jp/modules/pico1/index.php?content_id=1466
The closest station is the JR Ugohonjo station on the JR Uetsu line.
The events take place on specific days during the festival, so be sure to check the dates in advance.

Closing Remarks

Honjo Sakura Festival is going on for about 10 days in the mid-April every year. And during that period, I suggest you see the charming illumination at night. However, the cherry flowers will be there before and after the event as well. So, I recommend you pay a visit when you can.

Cherry blossoms watching (or Hanami) is a really popular spring activity in Japan. I really recommend you visit this festival to see the flowers and to enjoy the Japanese spring. This festival also features many traditional events. Thus, you might feel a traditional atmosphere as it also takes place on the Japanese castle ruin. I guarantee you will have a great time.

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Enjoy Sakura in Japan!

Cherry blossoms are an essential part of Japanese culture. And, viewing cherry blossoms (Hanami) is very popular in Japan during the spring. This is because cherry blossoms, which the Japanese call “Sakura” are stunning at this season.

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