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Are you planning to visit Japan this summer? Have you made your plans for July? Well, if you haven’t, I want to recommend a traditional festival in Tokyo that features a market and takes place in one of the most popular places among tourists – Hozuki-Ichi in Asakusa! At this event, you will see a blend of Buddhist and Shinto traditions along with Japanese pragmatism all at once! So, prepare your yukatas and paper fans to fully experience the traditional winter cherry fair in Asakusa!

About Hozuki-Ichi

If you are looking for something easy and authentic to experience in Japan the Hozuki-Ichi fair is a perfect event for the weekend in summer. There you will find numerous stalls selling winter cherry, many people wearing traditional summer wear -yukata, and many food stalls featuring traditional festival food. This festival boasts more than 300 years of history as it started in 1716. In Senso-ji, Hozuki-Ichi market takes place every year on the 9th and 10th day in July. At this market you will find not only live plants that vendors can send even abroad, but also a lot of merchandise product with winter cherry.

The Origins of Hozuki Market

A long time ago, around the Edo period, the first Hozuki market took place at Atago shrine in Tokyo. The legend says that once a samurai servant had a spiritual dream about the Atago Gangen god. He had enlightenment that if you eat the Physalis seeds on the day of virtue (24 June), it will reduce irritation. The next morning he found 1000 Physalis plants. People accepted this theory and started selling the seeds at the market.

Basically, Hozuki Market to kudoku-nichi, a day on which a single prayer counts for 100 or even 1,000 prayers. This day differs from temple to temple. Sensoji temple has kudoku-nichi every month, but on the 10th of July, one prayer counts as 46,000 prayers. No wonder it attracts so many people every year!

About Hozuki

As you could have understood, Hozuki means winter cherry in Japanese. Some call it “Japanese lantern” or “Chinese lantern” because of its red papery covering the fruit inside resembles the paper lanterns that you can often see in Asia. Even though you can eat the fruits, Japanese rarely do this. However, people believed that this flower has healing properties. Japanese people use it for healing wounds, mosquito bites, but the most recent trend is to get it as an ornamental plant. Considering the importance of this flower in Japanese culture, no wonder why locals like this festival so much. 

Details and Access

Dates: July 9th, 10th annually. The dates can change due to the weather, so please check the weather forecast before visiting the festival.

Place: Senso-ji temple

Address: 2 Chome-3-1 Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo

Official website (Japanese only): 


You can access the temple by walking about 5 min from Asakusa station. This destination is very popular among tourists, so you will not get lost there. Even though the festival takes place in a historical structure, everyone can participate and enjoy the festival. So, please take your friends and share this event during your stay in Japan!  

Closing Remarks

I am sure that visiting this truly Japanese festival will impress you and leave unforgettable memories. At this event, you will notice many unique Japanese cultural features. Starting from the outfit of the crows, festival food, to the general atmosphere and determination of Japanese people to nature. This market is perfect for taking epic pictures that will remind you of this day for many years! How was the article? I hope the readers got some information that made you have interest!

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