Japanese Fairy Tale Festival 2019 in Oita – a Trip Back to Childhood



Japanese fairy tale festival ( Douwasai)began to celebrate the 50th anniversary of fairy tale writer – Takehiko Kurushima at Mishima Park in Mori town on May 5th in 1949. There was a ceremony to unveil the monument of fairy tale on that day. The committee of Japanese fairy tale festival was formed, and Tokuju Hosoda – the governor of Oita prefecture was picked as a leader.

It was a big event for all of Japan. People planned a lot of activities for children. In Mori town, people planned fun things like local entertainments, fireworks festival, and an exhibition of kid’s craftworks. Besides, in Japan, May 5th is a children day and a national holiday.

Who is Takehiko Kurushima

Takehiko Kurushima, who is from Oita prefecture, was the first Japanese who became a fairy story writer and teller. He told his stories without any pictures.
Thanks to him, Hans Christian Andersen who was also a fairy tale writer in Denmark became very popular in Japan. Danish called Kurushima “Japanese Hans Christian Andersen.”
He also introduced boy scouts and Montessori education from America to Japan.
He is a pioneer of children’s education in Japan.

Fun things to Do at the Festival

At the River Venue

Nearby the river, you can see giant carp streamers – koinobori. Their length is 55 meters, girth is 20 meters and the weight is over 100kg each. You can also go through these jumbo carp streamers! This is going to be an unforgettable experience.

At Mishima Venue

At his venue, you can witness a fairy tale costume parade. Besides favorite fairy tale heroes, you can notice the costumes that parents made for their children.
After the parade, there is an award ceremony for the best costume winners. You can also make some crafts and learn traditional games.
And do not miss the puppet shows at Warabe house, Jokaku temple, Daijo temple and Anraku temple.

Details and Access

Place: River area venue and Mishima venue
Date: May 4th and May 5th every year
Address: 〒879-4404 Oazamori, Kusu county Kusu town, Oita Prefecture
Homepage (Japanese only): http://www.town.kusu.oita.jp/880.html


It takes 20 minutes from JR Bungomori station by free shuttle bus
It takes 3 minutes from Oitado Kusu IC by car
Parking area: River area parking, Kusu Town Hall parking, Kusumachi merusan hall parking, Mori Chuo elementary school parking and Mori middle school parking.

Closing Remarks

If you are interested in this festival, you should visit the memorial hall of Takehiko Kurushima as well. You can listen to his stories with taped his real voice.
You can also read some fairy tale books, see his paintings of Kintaro and Momotaro which are very famous fairy tale heroes in Japan. Fairy tales might be for children. However, all people had a childhood.
And this festival and the memorial hall might bring back memories from your childhood.
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