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In this article, I will introduce to you the Jingu Gaien Icho Festival, also known as the Jingu Gaien Gingko Festival, located just outside of the famous Meiji Shrine. This festival is perfect if you come to Tokyo in the Fall and want to spend an afternoon enjoying the Autumn foliage.

About the Festival

The Jingu Gaien Icho Matsuri(神宮外苑いちょう祭り)is an annual festival held at the Icho Namiki Avenue in the outer gardens of Meiji Jingu shrine in Shinjuku ward. The festival celebrates the shift from Fall to Winter with the yellow ginkgo trees, or Icho, like in the name of the festival.
Roughly 150 ginkgo trees are lining the avenue, which is split into two lanes for viewers to walk through. It is possible to walk down the alley from Aoyama street into the festival grounds. Or from Meiji Jingu Gaien gardens from the festival grounds into the lane. All of the trees are ginkgo trees, which turn into a bright yellow around the end of November every year.


What to See and Do

This Jingu Gaien Icho Festival is great for those who want to enjoy the seasonal atmosphere. The first thing that festival-goers must do is stroll through the alley of ginkgo trees. The lane of yellow leaves is excellent for taking photos or just enjoying a peaceful walk in nature. Not only can you enjoy the autumn foliage, but the actual festival grounds boast typical matsuri fares, such as food booths and small shops selling souvenirs and snacks for visitors to enjoy. On certain days, traditional performing arts also take place, which is a must see in my opinion.

Details and Access

Dates: Nov 16th – Dec 2nd, 2018. Usually held in the second part of November every year, when the leaves turn yellow.

Place: Meiji Jingu Gaien

Address: 1 Chome-7-5 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to

Official Homepage (Japanese Only):


The site is roughly 5 minutes by foot from Gaienmae station on the Ginza line or Aoyama Itchome station of the Ginza, Hanzomon, and Toei Oedo line. The dates of the festival vary each year. But it is usually held at the end of November until the beginning of December. Everyone is welcome to take part in the festivities.

Other Things to Do in Shibuya or Shinjuku

In contrast to the nature-filled festival, Shibuya and Shinjuku are filled with loads of building, tourist sights, and scenic photo spots. A few of my recommendations include:

Takeshita street

-A uniquely fashion-centred road in the middle of Harajuku, featuring cute and strange shops. Even if you don`t need to buy anything, you must walk around and take a look at those shops.

Meiji Shrine

-The most famous Shinto shrine in Tokyo if you are interested in Japanese culture and history. It is very easy to catch a traditional Japanese wedding in the daytime. So, don`t miss an opportunity and visit the shine!

Omotesando/Cat Street

-Many popular stores, cafes, and restaurants that attract a young crowd.

Final Words

I think the Jingu Gaien Icho Festival is perfect for visitors who want to experience a Japanese festival, but also want to experience Japanese autumn foliage. Not only this but its location in the centre of Tokyo near Shinjuku and Shibuya make it incredibly easy to access for those looking for a break from the city. From local Japanese residents to first-time visitors to Japan, this festival makes for a perfect afternoon activity for anyone.

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