Jozankei Koinobori Festival 2019 – See Numerous Carp Streamers in Hokkaido




Have you ever heard of “Koi-Nobori” or “Carp Streamer”? It’s a traditional carp-shaped cloth you hang up in the wind to honor and pray for children’s health and bright future. Jozankei Koinobori Festival features the carps of many colors that move in the wind from mid-April to early May, making the view breathtakingly beautiful. In this article, I am going to introduce a nice place to where you can see the beautiful fish swimming in the sky!

Event Breakdown

The Jozankei-Onsen mountain stream Koinobori (定山渓温泉渓流こいのぼり) is a festival where hundreds of Koinobori float in Sapporo sky, Hokkaido prefecture. 400 Koinobri that come in various sizes and colors cover up the sky as if you are seeing a huge group of fish swimming by. They were first hung up in 1987, to give a nice impression to the people who come to the town, and since then it has become a tradition. Koinobori itself, has been a tradition that begun in the Edo period to wish for good luck and health for children.

Things to Do and See

The view of carps swimming in the sky itself is already beautiful. But what makes it even better is that April is also the season for cherry blossoms, so you can see the collaboration of colorful fish and cherry flowers in the sky. The event takes place in a hot spring city Jozankei-Onsen, which is famous for its high-quality water, and the view from the outdoor hot spring is just breathtaking.

Details and Access

Dates: April 13th – May 6th, 2019. Main day is May 5th

Place: Over the Toyohira River in Jozankei

Address: 4 Chome Jozankeionsenhigashi, Minami Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Official website: https://jozankei.jp/en/keiryu-koinobori/3423

Access: The bus from Sapporo Ekimae bus stop will take you to Jozankei Yunomachi stop within an hour.

Other Things to do in Sapporo

If you have some spare time before or after enjoying the carps and hot springs, why not explore Sapporo city? I have some recommendations for you!

The Moiwa Mountain

The Moiwa Mountain is in the southwestern part of Sapporo. It is designated as one of the top 100 nature views of Hokkaido. A cable car trip to the top gives you a great view of the whole Sapporo city.

Susukino City

Being one of the biggest cities of Hokkaido, Susukino city has many shops, restaurants, and bars. Hokkaido is famous for its good food, so I really recommend you having a nice lunch/dinner in this big city.

Closing Remarks

The Koinobori is are very traditional for us Japanese. However, you don’t usually get to see them in big groups of hundreds. The view of the Koinobori with the cherry blossoms are sure to be beautiful. And hot springs in Hokkaido are a definite recommendation too, as Hokkaido is famous for its rich nature and its excellent food.
Why not grab a camera, get ready for some good food and views, and head out for the great Hokkaido?

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