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Do you want to enjoy hot springs Japanese with the beautiful snow view and try awesome snow attractions in Japan? If you want to experience both, Hokkaido, which is the coldest island in Japan, is the best to check. At Jozankei Onsen in Hokkaido, you can try typical Japanese hot springs and also an amazing festival called Yukizanmai (雪三昧) or Moutain Party. I hope you will be so excited to go after reading this article about this great winter event! Let’s look at it closer.


Try the Most Fun Activities at “Yukizanmai”

Yukizanmai is the festival for everyone to enjoy. First, you buy the coins and then you can use it to try many activities such as dog sledding or snow rafting. And for small kids, there are various activities as well. Kids skating, tube sliding, and a petting zoo are waiting for children. You can use your coins to try many local dishes that are made of the fresh ingredients produced in the area. There is also a BBQ place to fill up your stomach. Each coin costs 300 Yen, and you can have a BBQ for five coins, which is prett reasonable.

What is Jozankei Onsen Famous For

After you enjoyed snow activities, you should go to Jyouzankei onsen that is near the festival venue. It is actually a street with many onsen shops and is located in a valley. It gets popular because the water that is coming from this place has a lot of sodium which works for recovering and treating coldness. There are 56 hot spring water sources and they all have a nice temperature, so you can say that this place was meant to become famous. It also has a long history and many emperors also to come here. What the most amazing thing is, the view from the outside of the baths. During day-time, the snow shines in the air, and during night-time, you can enjoy the contrast of darkness and surrounding silence in the snow. The view is breathtaking and it is worth to visit indeed.

How to Enjoy Onsen Even More

Bring Eggs

As Jozankei is one of the biggest onsen areas in Hokkaido −there is also an onsen for eggs. You can buy eggs at the nearest shops so there is no need to bring them. The water temperature in the egg hot spring is 70 degrees Celcius and you have to give the eggs at least 20 minutes to bathe. Then, you will get tasty onsen eggs, which are half raw and half solid. It may taste strange in the beginning, but it is really good. Japanese people love cooking those eggs, and it would be a nice experience for you too.


If you want to try an “easy” onsen, you should go to a footbath (Ashiyu (足湯)). There is a one at Jozan Gensen Park (定山源泉公園). You will get all warmed up because of the special onsen water. It is also nice to have a conversation with other people who are soaking their feet nearby you.

Details and Access

Dates: The dates are depending on a year but it is held during January for about 6 days. In 2019 the event will take place on January 11th-14th, 18th-20th.

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

Place: Hakkenzan Kajuen


Official Website: 


To go to Jozankei Onsen Area

There are buses from Shin Chitose Airport and the fee is 1,650 Yen for an adult and 830 Yen for a kid. It will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes one way. Usage of Route 230, approximately 40 minutes by car from Sapporo city Approximately 15 minutes by car from Jozankei Onsen. Bus fee from Sapporo is 770 Yen for an adult and 390 Yen for a kid.

From Jozankei Onsen Area to the Snow Festival

There are free shuttle buses from Jozankei Onsen area. They are running every 5 minutes so it is easy to access.

Closing Remarks

You need to take an airplane to get to Hokkaido but it is full of spectacular views and fun attractions. If you are in Japan in winter and feel like experiencing a great mountain view with snow soaking in a warm hot spring don’t miss a chance and go to Hokkaido! At Jozankei Winter Party you and your family will experience all kinds of fun winter activities, amazing Hokkaido cuisine, and of course warm hospitality of locals.

If you would like to explore theJozankei Onsen area and this festival with a local guide, please click on the banner below!

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For All Snow Lovers

Winter is a great season to enjoy Japan! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it made you want to visit this event. There are plenty of festivals and events in Japan in winter, as Japanese people traditionally have a lot of celebrations this season. Most of the events are held in the evening to enjoy candle lights which bring a cozy and charming atmosphere.
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