Kakeyo Festival – Unique and Traditional Codfish Matsuri in Akita!



Kakeyo festival, also known as Tara (Codfish) festival takes place on February 4th every year at Seishi Park in Nikaho city, Akita prefecture. Kakeyo (掛魚) means the fish which fishermen offer to the shrine. The festival has been a part of the Nikaho city’s traditions for more than 300 years. The main feature of the festival is big codfishes hanging on the rough ropes one by one. Each cod weighs about 10 kg. Two people carry each codfish around the town during the festival. Then, they serve it in front of the god of Konoura Yama Shrine praying for maritime safety and big catches. After the ceremony, they cook codfishes in a big pot and you can eat the famous miso base cod soup Tara jiru (たら汁) at Seishi park together with locals.

Highlights of the Festival

The festival starts with the parade around 10 am from the Konoura fishing port. Locals carry big winter Tara for 2 km around the town. At the port, they have a praying ceremony, Miko no mai (Morning Glory dance) and Shishi mai (Lion dance). The route starts at the port, continues at Nikaho Commerce and Industry Center (Shōkōkaikan), Station Front Crossroad (Ekimae Jujiro), Akita Bank Konoura Branch, then they arrive at Konoura Yama Shrine. The parade and the ceremony finishes around 11 am and the rest of the festival takes place at the park.

After the ceremony, you can try codfish carrying as well as eating the famous Tara jiru along with other codfish dishes. Also, there will be vending stands where you can buy special local products. There will be a music performance (Kinpo Kagura) with Konoura Shinto music instruments to entertain you throughout the festival. In addition, you will have a chance to join the lottery to win the big codfish. Even if you don’t win the actual Tara, you have a chance to get the cod related goods. Thus, you will have something fun and memorable to take home with you!

Tara Dishes

The winter Tara that that people carry and present during the festival is a seasonal food in the area. Akita is on the 5th place in catches of codfish in Japan. So, they have a variety of Tara dishes. Tara is famous as no waste fish, you can eat all parts of it. From the beginning of January to the first Sunday of February, Nikaho city is having the campaign to welcome visitors with different Tara dishes at restaurants around the city. Around 20 restaurants whether it is inside the hotels, Sushi specialty restaurants, western restaurants will offer you the best Tara dishes. I am sure, you will enjoy typical winter food – a hot pot (nabe) with Tara, Tomato base Tara ramen noodles, Tara sushi/sashimi along with other creative Tara dishes while you are in Nikaho city.

Details and Access

Date: February 4th every year.

Admission: Free

Place: Seishi Park (Konoura Shrine’s precincts)

Address: 18 Konourayama, Konoura, Nikaho, Akita

Official website (Japanese only):

Access: Best way to access Konoura Park is taking public transportation. It is a 10-minute walk from JR Uetsuhonsen Konoura Station.

Closing Remarks

There is no festival like this in any other place in Japan. Even as a Japanese, it is an interesting festival to attend! In addition, you will also here unique traditional local music and see energetic ancient dances. Be sure to eat Tara soup to enjoy the freshest cod dishes that will warm you up!

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Don`t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

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