Katsunuma Grape Festival 2019 – Try the Most Delicious Wine in Yamanashi



Yamanashi prefecture is famous for grapes. Actually, it is Japan’s largest producer of grapes. The main theme of Katsunuma Grape Festival is local grapes and wine from Yamanashi. At the festival, you can enjoy eating fresh grapes of various types and drinking delicious Japanese wines. Also, you can join some events such as dance. At night, you are sure to feel relaxed viewing the fire shaping of guard frame and fireworks. In this article, I am going to introduce you to Katsunuma Grape festival, tell you about its interesting points, and what you should do to enjoy it comfortably.


They use about 2000 kg of grapes at the festival, and you can eat many different kinds of grapes. For example, Shine Muscat, Kyoho, Delaware, and so on. These grapes grow, absorbing clear water. So, they are sweeter than usual. You cannot help smiling when you eat such delicious grapes. And of course, you can purchase the fruits at the stalls for a more reasonable price than at the supermarket.

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When you get thirsty at the festival, you can drink grape juice. Purple grape juice is so sweet that you can get rid of the fatigue. Green grape juice is so easy to drink that you can drink it like water. Thus, according to your purpose, you should select the drink. Besides, you can drink wines for free if you buy the wine glass (it costs 1000 Yen, but you can drink a lot of wine for free). These wines are great! So, I don’t suggest you visit by car.

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Other Events

You can join the contests related to grapes in the morning. In “Grape Hayagui” contest, you need to eat many grapes as fast as possible. In “Grape Seed” contest, you need to throw the grape seed as far as possible. Many people will join both events. So, you can join it easily as well.
In the evening, local people dance “bon odori”, a traditional Japanese festival dance. You can dance to them because the moves are easy. Besides, this gives you the chance to touch upon Japanese culture.
At night, you can enjoy viewing fireworks and the fire shaping of guard frame. Needless to say, they are beautiful. And unfortunately, the fireworks mark the end of the festival.

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Food Stands

At the festival, you can eat various foods in the festival stands. Among them, especially “Houtou” is very popular. It is a kind of miso noodle, but different from others in ingredients. In Houtou, you will find pumpkin, mushrooms, and aburaage. So, it is delicious and healthy at the same time. As at most of the festivals, there are many other local food stands. So, you should eat as much as you can!

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Details and Access

Date: First Saturday of October every year. October 5th, 2019 (estimated)

Brief Schedule:
10:00 Festival starts
18:30-19:45 Fireworks
20:00 Festival ends

Place: Katsunuma Central Park
Address: Katsunuma 1310, Katsunuma, Kosyu, Yamanashi
International Reception and Info: Katsunuma grape festival pamphlet available in Japanese and English.
Official website (Japanese only):第65回甲州市かつぬまぶどうまつり
Access: For Katsunuma Central Park
From JR Central line Katsunuma Budou kyo station 15 min. by bus.
From Central road Katsunuma IC 10 min. car.
Parking: Free parking lots are available
Admission: Free

Closing Remarks

At the Katsunuma Grape festival, fresh grapes and local people will make you feel comfortable. Of course, you should eat many grapes when you are there. Also, you should join many events to communicate with people. Nobody becomes disappointed with Katsunuma Grape festival. Don’t miss this exciting chance!

The local guides are here to help! If you need any help and would like a local guide to tell you more about Katsunuma Grape festival and Yamanashi prefecture, please check the banner below! It is always better to know someone local on such a great and exciting event as Katsunuma Grape festival.

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