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Are you looking for unique and useful tools for your life? This tools market is always held in autumn in Ichikawa city just east side of Tokyo. The Nogu market takes place each year in September at Katsushika Hachimangu Shrine. Come to visit and enjoy while you wander around the streets and cast your eyes through the treasures! I’m sure that you’ll find out your own a real treasure!

Matsuri Breakdown

Katsushika Hachimangu Shrine is located in Ichikawa City, in the northwest of Chiba Prefecture. Ichikawa City is close to Tokyo making it a convenient location for travelers. Moreover, the city is between Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. You can drop by the way to the airports or before heading to your destination.

The shrine was built during Kanpo Era (889 to 898) by the order of Emperor Uta. Since then, the city was developing and flourished around the shrine. The shrine used to be famous for the god of war so that it became revered by numerous military commanders such as Masakado Taira, Yoritomo Minamoto, and Ieyasu Tokugawa. The shrine is also a home of the gods of education, encouragement of new industries, agriculture, marriage and child protection. The citizens of the city call the shrine in a friendly way – ’Yawata no Hachiman san’.

The Shrine has a huge gingko tree sacred to a deity called ‘Senbon Icho’. This tree is designated as the national natural treasure because it is about 1200 years old. According to the ancient tradition, the tree can bring you good fortune. Let’s try and get the luck!

The name of the market is ‘Katsushika Hachimangu Shrine Farming Tools Market’. It is held every year from September 15th to 20th for 6 days in front of the shrine. This market has been popular and familiar to local people through the ages. The annual market starts at 10 AM on September 15th. After walking through the first gate and passing through the second gate with the vermilion-lacquered roof you will see the street approaching the main hall of the shrine. This is a 200 meters long boulevard lined up with fantastic ginko trees. In autumn, when the leaves of gingko trees turn from green to yellow, the appearance of the shrine becomes totally different.

Things to Do and See

On September 15th, the grand festival sets off at the shrine to give prays to the gods and following the tradition. After that, the precincts of the shrine become a farming tools marketplace. This market once was one of the three major tools markets in the Kanto region. People called it ‘Yawata no Boro Ichi’ (flea market at Yawata). In recent years, you can see only agricultural tools and tools for carpenters at the market. Also, nowadays, you can notice food stalls and kitchen supplies. Japanese tools such as knives are one of the best cooking tools in the world because of its high quality. During the festival, you have an excellent chance to talk with craftsmen and producers to receive a helpful advice on your purchase. I am sure that you will be able to find anything that you wanted at this Nogu market.

Details and Access

Dates: September 16th – 20th every year
Place: Katsushika Hachimangu Shrine
Address: 4 Chome-2-1 Yawata, Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture
Homepage (Japanese Ony):

<Train >

Use the Toei Shinjuku Line (a rapid transit line between Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture)
→get off at Honhachiman Station and walk about 10 minutes

Use Keisei Main Line (a railway line connecting Tokyo and Narita)
→get off at Keisei Honhachiman Station and walk for about 5 minutes


Other Things to Do in Ichikawa

After checking out the market, there are a lot of things to do and places to visit in Ichikawa! The city has been a center of culture for a long time ago because the government office was there. Therefore, it has amazing historical heritage sites such as Nakayama Hokekyo-Ji Temple (The Grand Head Temple of Nichiren). A lot of famous poets and artists favored the city. On the other hand, the rich nature around in the area makes the town cozy in spite of its being a part of an urban area. Here are a few more recommendations for sightseeing:

Pear picking

Because of fertile soil and good weather conditions, the city is the top pear producer in Japan. Pear farms are stretching in the northern part of the city along the national route 464. The season for pear picking is from August to October. Japanese pear is surprisingly sweet, fresh, and juicy and is the typical summer treat in this area. Each farmer produces a different kind of pears, and some of the farmers deal not only with pears, but also grapes and kiwi fruits. Additionally, there are plenty of barbeque houses and restaurants on the farms as well. Just drop in and taste it! Don’t miss the best season for picking!

Ichikawa City Zoo and Botanical Garden

How about spending a relaxing time in a local zoo? There are no lions, elephants, giraffes, tigers, and zebras. But there are many friendly animals, such as sheep, rabbits, goats, pigs, ducks, owls and so on. The most popular animals here are red lessor panda and streaming otters. It seems that the zoo-keepers take care of them carefully. For this reason, the atmosphere in the zoo including the animals is very friendly. Enjoy the relaxing experience and escape from your busy schedule at the zoo.

Goby Fishing

The city is known for goby fishing along the Edo River. Anyone can enjoy fishing there. You don’t need any equipment because there are rental services of fishing rods, fishing baits, and even boats. Veteran fishermen get over 100 fishes per day! You can also have this possibility if you have a chance to come! The best season for fishing is from early summer to autumn.

Closing Remarks

The market offers you a variety of tools from Japan for reasonable prices. You can bargain with the sellers, and the more you buy, the better is pricing. Not only the price, but the quality is also reliable. Be sure to check out this market when you look for some tools!

You can experience this market as well as local friends! If you need any guides to take you around the market and show you even more things to do in the area please check the banner below!

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Don`t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

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For all foodies who enjoy Japanese Festivals would be nice to get acquainted with the rich choice offered by Yatai (Japanese festival food stalls). The food presented during Matsuri is pretty different from the one you get at the restaurants in Japan. Besides, there is a certain charm in grabbing some snack from a food stall and diving back into the festival crowd. I am sure that you will discover something new about Japanese festival food from the following article!



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