Kawaba Festival 2019 – Dance with Villagers and Bargain at the Flea Market!



Kawaba is a small city in Gunma prefecture. Even Japanese people may not know about Kawaba city. So, of course, this festival is not the most popular one. However, you can enjoy this festival because all the citizens of the neighborhood gather for this event. Kawaba Festival provides locals a chance to show and sell their products as well. At the festival, you can join some events, such as parades, dances, flea market and so on. Among them, especially fireworks in the night are sure to impress you. In this article, I am going to introduce you to the Kawaba Festival, tell you how wonderful it is, and what you should do to enjoy it comfortably.

Flea Market

From 12:00 to 17:00, you can shop at the flea market. Unlike in the normal market, everybody sells what they want here. So, you are likely to get rare and unique products. In addition, the price for them is not decided. If you can persuade the vendors to sell it at a low price. That is a good opportunity to use your communication skills with locals.


At Kawaba festival, you can enjoy dance performances. Japanese classic dances, Danbe dance (だんべえ踊り), and Hawaiian dance party also take place. You can actually participate in dancing during this festival. Danbe dance is a kind of Bon dance. For foreign travelers, Danbe dance easier, and provides a nice chance to experience Japanese culture through it.

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In the evening, young men carry a lot of portable shrines (mikoshi). It is an outstanding performance to watch how these portable shrines are squeezing through the narrow streets of the city.

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At 20:00, fireworks festival starts. About 3000 fireworks are set off and light up the summer sky of Gunma prefecture! Some people may worry that they can’t see fireworks closely. However, you don’t have to worry about it because the people in the village will make a room for you. The fireworks display is the final part of Kawaba Festival, so everybody feels a bit sad when it’s over.

Famous Goods from Kawaba

Kawaba city is famous for rice and fruits.
Rice produced in Kawaba is called “Yukihotaka”. This rice is so delicious that only citizens of Kawaba could get it in the past. Now, travelers are permitted to buy it as well. Thus, don’t miss a chance to buy and eat it.


Among fruits, especially apples are delicious. The apples are sweeter and juicier than any other apples in Japan. If you visit Kawaba city, you should drink their apple juice. It is made of 100% apples. You will be surprised how sweet it is.

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Details and Access

Dates: fourth Sunday of July every year
Place: Kawaba city central park
International Reception and Info: Kawaba Festival pamphlet available in Japanese and English.
Home Page:
Address: Kawaba, Tone, Gunma


For Kawaba city
From JR Numata station 40 min. bus.
From Kanetsu road Numata IC 10 min. car.

Parking: Free parking lots are available

Closing Remarks

Kawaba is a small city that is not very popular even among Japanese people. However, special events and kind people of this city are what you need to experience authentic Japan. This place will make you excited for sure. Besides, in Kawaba city, there are a lot of hot springs. So, you can visit it to recover if you get tired of the festival. Don’t miss this exciting chance!

The local guides are here to help! If you need any help and would like a local guide to tell you more about Kawaba Festival or even more, please check the banner below! It is always better to know someone local on such a great and exciting event as Kawaba Festival.

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Don`t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

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