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If you are going to stay in Japan in spring season, you must have opportunity to do “Ohanami(お花見)” which is a traditional Japanese pastime of viewing cherry blossoms. As you may now, many Japanese visit parks to do ohanami with their family, friends and colleagues, then enjoy eating, drinking and chatting while watching cherry blossom trees.

At Kazagashira park located in Nagasaki city, you can watch such a popular flower for Japanese while you learn about one of the most popular Japanese historical person, Ryoma Sakamoto at the same time. In this article, I will introduce the two of popular things, both cherry blossom and Ryoma, which you will know well in Nagasaki.

Matsuri Breakdown:

Kazagashira park is located at the top of Mt. Yamagashira, which is 151.9 meters high. During the period more than 350 cherry blossoms trees are blooming, a local festival is held there, and we can enjoy Karaoke party, charity bazaar, kite festival and rice cake pounding party. They are usually held from the end of March to the beginning of April, you should check the forecast of flowering time which is frequently updated.

Things to Do and See:

Night cherry blossom hunting

Although you are allowed to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees in daytime, you definitely should go there after sunset to see cherry blossoms collaborated with the night city view. Around half past six in the evening, 400 lanterns start to be illuminated near the trees. As Nagasaki city is famous as one of the best three night view spots in Japan, you must enjoy a panoramic view of night Nagasaki city and port view from the observatory.

The statue of Ryoma Sakamoto

At the top of the mountain, there is a statue of the famous and popular samurai, Ryoma Sakamoto. He is one of the important people who encouraged the modernization of Japan during the Edo era.

There is also another unique statue, “The statue of Ryoma’s boots” is located nearby. It is well known as a photo spot with wearing the boots. Why don’t you try on the boots and have a look the view as like he did?


If you plan to go to the park, I recommend to take a tram because it is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get there. From Nagasaki station, take a tram bounds for Shokakuji-shita (Line 1), and get off the terminal station, Shokakuji-shita station. One ride costs only 120 yen per ride however you travel. From the station to the park, it takes about 8 minutes on foot. Another option must be buses. The nearest bus stop is “Kazagashira-yama”, it is five minute walk away from the park. You can also take a bus from Nagasaki station. You should be noted that there is no parking on top of the mountain if you are planning to drive!

Other Things to Do in Nagasaki city:

Kameyama Shachu memorial museum

There is Kameyama Shachu memorial museum which is a trading company built by Ryoma. It is famous as the first company in Japan which had a great contribution to the modernization of Japan. You can see some display items related to the people involved with Ryoma and Kameyama Shachu.

Wakamiya Inari shrine

There is a shrine was established in 1673. It is said that Ryoma and his friends used to worship many times. After you go through some gates to the shrine, you will find a statue of Ryoma again!

Megane-bashi bridge

Meane-bashi is a stone spectacles bridge which was built in 1634, one of famous sightseeing spot in Nagasaki city. You can get there from Kazagashira park on foot. It is well known as a tourist attraction and called “Megane-bashi (glasses-bridge)” because when a pair of spectacles reflect off the river, the bridge and the reflection look like glasses.

Closing Remarks:

Kazagashira park is the best place to know two popular things, both cherry blossom and Ryoma Sakamoto loved by Japanese. How about visiting there to see beautiful Nagasaki city view and feel the spring winds which Ryoma loved?

If you need any guides to take you around the festival and show you even more things to do in the area, check below.


Enjoy Sakura in Japan!

Cherry blossoms are an essential part of Japanese culture. And, viewing cherry blossoms (Hanami) is very popular in Japan during the spring. This is because cherry blossoms, which the Japanese call “Sakura” are stunning at this season.

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