In this article, I will introduce the unique festival of Kippo Hachiman Shrine held on fourth Sunday in September every year in Chiba Prefecture. In this festival, the main event is called”Yabusame”. This event is intangible cultural property of Chiba prefecture.

Matsuri Breakdown:

“Kippo Hachiman Shrine Festival (吉保八幡神社例祭)” is a traditional festival having been held from the middle of the Kamakura era in Kamogawa, Chiba prefecture. Yabusame is main part of this festival. In the Kamakura era,Yabusame was held by Samurai. A striker on the horse runs 210 meter and shoots three arrows, and repeats it three times. There are three races in three rounds, and they use nine bows in total. Yabusame is held for divination. If bow hits central part of the target,it means rice will be harvested in early season.
If it hits the second part, it means rice will be harvested in second season,and if it hits the third part, it means late season.

Things To Do and See:

Other than seeing Yabusame at the festival, You can see many gorgeous cars called “Dashi” .
The purpose of summer festival is calming gods, and people carry dashi to lead gods.
They try to decrease pest damage to crops and wind and water accident that happened in the summer season.
And also you can enjoy eating Japanese food as well.
They open a number of food stalls along during the festival.

Details and Access:

The festival is held in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture held on fourth Sunday in September every year.
You shouldn’t go to there by car,because of the heavy traffic, taking the train and the bus is the best way.
The nearest station is Awakamogawa Station and the bus will take you straight to “吉保(Kippo)”.
It takes 20 minutes from station.
You should arrive there early because people will rush to get the bus.

Other Things to Do In Kamogawa:

Here are some recommendations below.

Kamogawa Sea World

An aquarium exhibiting and displaying over 11,000 points of river and sea creatures at 800 kinds of animal performances and environment-friendly exhibition facilities of killer whale, dolphins, sea lions and beluga.


Unique place where red snappers living in shallow depths.You can take a boat and see them.

Niemon Island

There are historical sites in the island, and you can feel things like a time-trips.A few minutes on a ferryboarding trip,will make your heart and body happy.


Hotel with hot spring. You can enjoy fresh Boso ingredients of the rich flavor of the seasons. Also, from the rooftop outdoor bath,you can look over the sea, the sky and the harbor.


You can have experience of “Togei”. The procedure is as follows.
1. Pre-industry (pull out air in the clay and soften the organization.)
2. Molding (making a shape.)
3. Dry (remove moisture of clay before unglazed)
4. Unglazed (hardening the clay’s texture)
5. Coating (coating glassy liquid)
6. Burning (melting the glaze at high temperature, burning to the vessel)
If you make own dish in Togei, it must be good memory in Japan.

Kamogowa nature school

You can try to make soba. The procedure is as follows.
At first, knead the soba and stretch it, then cut it to size for eating.
If you make it by yourself, it must be tasty.

Closing Remarks:

After only about a 2 hour trip from Tokyo station, you can arrive at Awa-Kamogawa Station.
The cost is 2270 yen.
Kippo Hachiman Shrine Festival is really worth visiting,it is very unique. I definitely recommend you to predict where the striker hits the bow. It means you will hit the good or bad harvest of the following year.

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