Kouzaki Temple Himatsuri in Chiba: Powerful ritual with fire



Have you ever seen performance of ascetics? Among ritual events in Japan, ascetic’s ceremonies are curious. For example, cold-water ablutions, starvation, meditation in the mountain, or so. In Kouzaki town, Chiba pref., Himatsuri event is hosted by Kouzaki Temple once a year. It’s one of the most famous events using fire. Many people visit to see this rare and powerful ritual and pray for peace, health, safety, and good luck.

What is Himatsuri?

Himatsuri is a kind of Homa, fire-offering event. They say that this event derives from an ascetic in a mountain who fired brushwood and jumped into it to share Acala’s spirit 1300 years ago. His action came down as mystique of Shingon Buddhism now. It is believed that fire offering and walking over fire purifies crimes unconsciously attached.

Summary of Kouzaki Himatsuri:

Kouzai Temple has hosted this event for 50 years. People who want to pray specially should buy an amulet and ask ascetics to perform mystiques with it.


This event starts near Shimousa-Kouzaki station at 10:30 am. Ascetics wearing white clothes, black head gear and children who learn precept in front of principal image of Buddha, and march in the main street to Tone riverbed.

During the parade, they play trumpet shells, drums, shout, praying for traffic safety and peace of town. This lively performance is really attractive.

At the training place in Tone-riverbed, fire woods are piled up as Homa platform. Ascetics call gods and Buddha, and the wood is ignited.

Before the big pillar of frame, believers read sutras and pray to burn out any disasters and hindrances.

And climax reaches. Ascetics walk over fire purified by prayers, with bare feet to grant believers hope. Although fire become small, walking on fire need patience, so their performance thrills the gallery.


In addition, you can join this ritual. With bare feet, and walk beside fire. Ascetics support children and handicapped visitors. Around the training place, stalls are opened to enjoy local foods and buy souvenirs.
After practice, ascetics treat people with rice cakes, sake, sweets, farmers products. They all are lucky charms.

Why don’t you join this mysterious event?

About Kouzaki:

Kouzaki is placed in the north-east area of Chiba. pref, near Narita city. It is fertile land with clean water. So this town has prospered with rice, sake, miso, soy sauce. At Tone-riverbed, you can enjoy pleasure boats and sappa-fune.


Date:29th April, 2018
Place: Shimousa-Kouzaki station, JR-EAST Line
Time table:AM10:30- Start ceremony and marching
PM1:00- Fire offering events

Other things to do in Kouzaki:

Kouzaki Amanogawa park

In this park, visitors can see water plants. Especially, euyale ferox is famous. Once it disappeared, but discovered in great replenishment in 1994. Many cherry trees planted aside the promenade and hygrophyte park are beautiful. Bathroom, legs-washing place, drinking station are available. Many residents visit here to relax.

Nabedana Sake brewing

This brewery was opened in 1689. Big white colored house with old type roof stands out in this area. Their productions are highly appreciated and gain many prizes. Especially, Gold prize was given to Fudou by international wine challenge 2017.You can watch the process to produce sake here. Please make a reservation.

Detail : Place: Honmachi338,Narita city, Chiba pre.

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