Kurimoto Furusato Sweet potato Festival in Chiba



Roasted sweet potato “Benikomachi” which is a special product of Kurimoto area is roasted over time over 120 mountains of rice husk. And you can eat them for free!
Other than that, there are plenty of unique events such as free distribution of steamed potatoes by huge Seiro(steam basket), digging potatoes at the experience plaza, huge vegetable mural paintings and more. Why not experience such various experiences?

About “Kurimoto Furusato Sweet potato Festival”:

“Kurimoto Furusato Sweet potato festival” is a fun event that roasts the special product of Kurimoto“ Benicoumachi” and distributes it to visitors free of charge.

Preparation starts from two days before. On the eve of the night, they make a mountain of rice husks (chickpeas) and make a fire and fire protection overnight. Then on that day it will be in a good condition to bake potatoes thoroughly. They roast potatoes slowly over 2 hours.

Event contents:

・Yakiimo Square (about 4 t free distribution)
・Huge Seiro steamed potato (about 2 t free distribution)
・Harvest potato experience place
・Flea Market
・Red-and white mochi throwing (luxurious! with a prize)
・Huge vegetable mural painting (cheap selling at the end of the event)
・For children playing with 50 animals such as rabbits, chicks, guinea pigs at animal plaza
・Stage event
・Various shops


Fire-building ceremony

At the eve of the festival, “fire-building ceremony” that puts fire in Yakiimo Plaza is held every year.
It uses an old-fashioned fireplace bow and a fire mortar to make a fire, shifts the fire to a torch.
Why don’t you experience the tension of fire building and the emotions of when the fire lights up?

Date and time:

Saturday (the eve of the festival) from 7 pm
Place: In front of “Potate Shrine”(special built)
Fire-building-fire ceremony · · · from 8 pm
Light meal … Amazake, Miso-soup with pork and vegetable, cotton candy etc.
Pleasure lottery · · · Will you win a lottery?

Contact with animals:

At the animal plaza you can contact with animals. Fifty cute little animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks are waiting for you. You can experience feeding them as well.


Kurimoto B & G Ocean Center Front Square
Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
(It is an animal break time from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm)
· Reservation of potato digging experience plaza

In order to experience potato reservation is necessary in advance
Experience fee: 1,000 yen/10 potatoes
Reservation deadline: early in November
Application method: Please apply by e-mail or fax write your zip code, address, name, telephone number, the number of people prostective participants ,varieties you want ,
and the quantity (units of 10~) .


Sunday in mid-November (Depending on the decision of the municipality)
9 am – 3 pm
Postponed date: Next week (Holidays)
Eve of the night: Fires raising ceremony: Saturday


Venue→Katori City Kurimoto Athletic Square
(Kurimoto is a small town of about 5,000 people located about 20 minutes by car from Narita Airport)

From JR Narita Line Sawara station and use JR bus
Get off at “Daijyojishita” 7 minutes on foot
The bus is about 1 in 1 hour.

◆ Parking lot

There is no parking lot near the venue.
Please park at the following parking lot and take a shuttle bus.
It gets crowded in the morning.
Opening hours: 8 AM – 4 PM

・Asama Sports Land Great parking lot 【With shuttle bus】
※Expected full time: 12 o’clock
・Wagou parking lot (Old Konan Industrial site) 【With shuttle bus】
Expected full time: Always available
・Kurimoto Fire Training Area Parking Space 【No pick-up · 8 minutes on foot】

Other things:

・Inou Tadataka museum
Tadataka Inou is a person who surveyed the whole country in Japan, past the age of 50, walked and made the first actual map of Japan.
At the Inou Tadataka Memorial Hall, chasing the life of Tadataka in chronological order,
You can find out the full story of Inou Map.
Sawara era
When he was 34 he traveled to Matsushima it was a journey to visit shrines and temples.
At the age of 48, he was observing latitude / direction during the journey to Ise Jingu, and he was interested in astronomy and calendar.

In Edo Period, he became a disciple of Astronomy Takahashi Yoshitoki and started studying seriously. He surveyed the southern coast of Hokkaido at the age of 55, and after that he conducted a total of 10 times of surveying nationwide until 71 years old.

Tadataka died at the age of 73, but after three years of his death the whole Japanese map was completed.

Address→Chiba Prefecture Katori City Sawara Yee(イ) 1722-1

The streetscape of Sahara:

Sawara was prosperous enough to be called “Edo Masari call in Japanese (江 戸優(まさ)り)” using water transport. People adopted the culture of Edo and further mixed it into their own culture. Even now the remnants of the town still remain. In December 1996, it was recognized for the first time in the Kanto region that it was selected as important.

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