The Mantō Parade – Traditional Lantern Parade of Suwa Shrine in Chiba




Summer in Japan has many events to enjoy, such as the Japanese fireworks and the traditional Matsuri. The Mantō Parade is apart of traditional Matsuri. Matsuri means Japanese festival. In summer, countless events take place everywhere around the country, and you might be wondering which one to attend. In this article, I am going to introduce a traditional Japanese Festival in Suwa shrine that is in Nagareyama city, Chiba prefecture, and a nice lantern parade which its distinctive feature!

The Mantō Parade

The Mantō Nerigyouretsu (萬灯練行列) is a traditional event that takes place in Nagareyama, Chiba prefecture. It’s an event where people hold traditional Japanese lanterns called “Mantō” (萬灯) and walk from the Suwa shrine to Joken temple. The event is referring to the death of the founder of Nichiren Buddhism and the episode of cherry trees blooming in August. The lanterns feature decorative cherry blossoms, and the crowd walks through the streets with the rhythm of traditional Japanese drums, Taiko, and flutes. The lanterns are really astonishing because of its huge size and lavish decorations.

Things to Do and See

Mantō parade that begins at night is a part of the Suwa shrine festival called the Suwadaimyoujin Taisai (諏訪大明神大祭). On the first day, August 22nd, before the parade, you can see two the Mikoshi processions, children’s and adults. I highly recommend you to arrive prior to the parade to see that energetic action as well. Besides, you will notice many food stalls selling traditional festival food and providing various Japanese games! The main ceremony takes place on August 23rd at Suwa Shrine. 

The shrine itself is a traditional shrine that has been built over 700 years ago, and its sites are beautiful. Mantō parade starts at Suwa shrine and goes to Joken temple through the night streets of Nagareyama city. Obviously, at the parade, you will see how each lantern is decorated differently, and the view of them all marching in one line throughout the night streets is just beautiful. Other nearby shrines and temples also join the parade, with their own original lanterns. Since the Joken temple enshrines a dragon, you can also see a huge dragon lantern somewhere in the line, and it is just astonishing.

Details and Access


August 22nd and 23rd every year same dates. The Mantō Parade takes place on 22nd of August from t 7 pm to 9 pm after children’s and adult’s mikoshi procession. The main ceremony takes place at Suwa shrine on 23rd of August.

Place: Suwa shrine in Nagareyama

Address: 655, Komagi, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba

Official website (Japanese only):


The parade starts off from the Suwa shrine and arrives at the Joken Temple.  The nearest station is the Toyoshiki station, which you can access by the Tobu urban park line. The temple is about 10 minutes by foot.

Closing Remarks

The Mantō Parade is a really nice event to see if you want to enjoy the combination of Japanese traditional matsuri and the art of lanterns. You will see many types of decorated lanterns in the night sky. It is sure to be beautiful.  I definitely recommend you to take your friends on a day of Matsuri and the parade in Nagareyama!

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