Mikuni Festival in Fukui: What rare palanquins are unique to others



Would you be interested in watching unique and decorative divine palanquins at a festival? At the Mikuni Festival, you’ll come across rare palanquins that are different and unique to other festivals. In this article, I would like to introduce this festival which is held in Mikuni town, Fukui prefecture.

Matsuri Breakdown:

“三国祭(Mikuni Festival)” is an annual festival that has been held for more than 300 years in Mikuni town, Sakai city, Fukui prefecture. The spring festival lasts for a 3-5 days in the middle of May in Mikuni Shrine. It is well known that the festival is recognized by Fukui prefecture as an “Intangible folk cultural assets”. There are about 500 food stalls, and about 100,000 people visit there.

Things To Do and See:

You can’t miss the main event, “Dashi and Mikoshi Parade” when you are at the festival!

Both “Dashi(山車)” and “Mikoshi(神輿)” have the meaning of “divine palanquin”, but Dashi is a vehicle for people, whilst Mikoshi is for the Gods. During the festival, people walk around the streets with beautifully decorated Dashi and Mikoshi that are estimated to be 6 meters high in the afternoon until around 9pm. The town will be very lively with music, especially the harmonics of drums and flutes.

When you see the parade, look at the Dashi attentively! Each Dashi is intentionally shaped to represent historic idols in Japanese history.

Details and Access:

The festival takes place in the middle of May annually. If you plan to go to the festival, you are advised to use public transportation because some streets are closed during the festival. From Fukui station, take Echizen Awara line to Mikuni Shrine Station, it is about a 50 minute ride. The shrine is a 10 minute walk away from the station.

Other Things to Do:

Other than the festival, there are other pleasant things to do around Mikuni town. Here are some recommendations below.


Tojinbo is a high cliff that is famous for unique shaped rocks. The rocks stretch for about 1 km along the coastline, this rare geographical feature is said to be found only in three spots of the world including Tojinbo. You will see the spectacular view from the top of the cliff which is about 25 high meters. In winter, you could also see the phenomenon which is called “Nami no hana”, flowers of waves, which occur because of the waves and strong winds.

Mikuni Sunset Beach

You shouldn’t miss the beautiful sunset at Mikuni Sunset Beach! It is very popular especially among families because the beach is shallow, safe and clean. In summer, there are many lodging facilities, food stalls and restaurants that are located close to the beach, they are popular with the visitors. During early winter, many young surfers gather on Mikuni Sunset Beach for surfing because the waves come in high during this season.

Mikuni Hot Spring and Eating Echizen crab

Nearby the Mikuni Sunset Beach there are a few hot springs. Try refreshing yourself by visiting these hot springs after a long day? Be sure not to miss tasting the tasty Echizen crab. The crab fished in Mikuni town is very famous, So famous it’s usually delivered to the Japanese imperial family every year. The fresh crabs taste luscious and have a great flavor with high nutritious value.

Closing Remarks

Although the Mikuni festival is held in May, you would be allowed to have a great time throughout a year around this town.

If you need any guides to take you around the festival and show you even more things to do in the area, check below!

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