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There are a lot of fireworks festivals in the summer in Japan. However, you can hardly ever find the one in fall. One of such festivals is Mitarai Gulf Fireworks Festival held in Yamaguchi Prefecture, which lies in the far west of Japan. Very few people except those living near the prefecture know this festival. So, please don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the fireworks festival in the fall.

Where is Hikari City in Yamaguchi Prefecture?

Hikari City is located in the southeast of Yamaguchi prefecture, particularly the east of Shunan Industrial area. Its population is about 52,000, and it includes a part of Setonaikai National Park, giving itself a spectacular scenery with beautiful nature.

Murozumi-Nijigahama beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the western part of Japan and famous for its white sand and blue pine trees. There is a little amount of rain through the year in the area. These natural conditions of the city along the sea are comfortable for people to live. Moreover, they help the city to develop its industry.

Murozumi is a port town which thrived in the Edo period, facing Setonaikai. It is popular among tourists as the place where they can feel the atmosphere of the old days. It has a beautiful scenery and you can relax in gentle light and mild wind. Why don’t you come to Hikari city and feel Japanese coziness?

Fireworks in Fall

Mitarai Gulf Firework Festival is held at the beginning of October every year. As you already know, holding a fireworks festival in autumn is not very common in Japan. However, its atmosphere is a little different from the ones in the summer. In the chilly night sky in fall, which is quiet and clear, you will definitely see how amazing fireworks are, soaring from a breakwater in a wide range and shining like they are dancing. Surrounded by mountains, the gulf creates excellent conditions for the sound effects which follow the fireworks display.


What makes the fireworks even more special is what we call “Saksa Hanabi (Opposite Firework)”, which is a reflection of the firework in the sky showing up on the quiet water surface.


Above all, unlike in the cities, there is nothing to obstruct, such as tall buildings and towers. Therefore, once you see the fireworks in the sky of Hikari, they look much bigger than the ones in Tokyo.

Special Reserved Seats

If you are interested in this festival, I recommend you buy a ticket for special reserved seats. It costs only 1000 Yen and you don’t have to worry about securing your seat and can enjoy the firework show with music, sitting in the best place with a wonderful view.

The Reviews

I like festivals in the fall. It’s not too hot and not too busy outside to enjoy fireworks. The air was clear so we were able to see fireworks vividly. It was fantastic. I’ll definitely come back again.

I was born and brought up in this area but I came to this festival for the first time in more than 20 years. More than 3000 fireworks were set off. It is worth watching indeed.

I was really surprised that the access to the venue was so easy. On the way back, traffic was a little heavy, but we chose another way, which was not so crowded and comfortable to drive.

Details and Access

Date: Usually held on a weekend in the beginning of October. In 2018 on October 6th (Sat). The venue is open from 17:30
Place: Murozumi bay port rest area
Address: Yamaguchi-ken, Hikari-shi, Murozumi, 2 Chome−17−13
Official Homepage (Japanese only):
Admission: You can watch the fireworks for free. However, there are 500 reserved seats which you can book in advance from September 5th. 1000 Yen per person. Please follow the official website to find out how to reserve the seats.


They organize a special bus bound for “Muroizumi” from JR Hikari station. It takes 20 min by bus and 5 min walk from the bus station to the venue.

Closing Remarks

You may have heard about the popular firework festival in Japan. Of course, they are amazing and memorable but at the same time, too crowded and might not let you relax. Why not come to Yamaguchi Prefecture and spend an exciting and relaxing time in fall at Mitarai Gulf Firework Festival?

If you would like local guides to take you to this festival, help you with booking the seats and tell you even more about Hikari city, please click on the banner below.

All Images are courtesy of Yamaguchi Prefectural Tourism Federation.

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