Miyoshi Inari Shrine Giant Lantern Festival 2019-Enjoy Lantern Night in Aichi!



Miyoshi Inari Shrine Giant Lantern Festival takes place on third Saturday and Sunday of August annually. It is so hot and humid indeed. However, this festival is worth visiting! Miyoshi Inari Shrine Giant Lantern Festival
Unlike 450 years old Miyoshi Ojochin Giant Lantern Festival that takes place every year on August 26th and 27th, here slightly smaller lanterns will welcome you. However, they are still very big. Many colorful smaller lanterns, local dance and music performances, food stalls, and fireworks will entertain you for sure. At night, all the lanterns look amazingly bright in the darkness of the night. And it is even more beautiful in collaboration with fireworks in the sky.

The Origin of the Festival

This festival originally started in 1927, when local people handcrafted some big lanterns for celebration. They enshrined the lanterns and then made more in following years. It took half a year to design, and another year and a half to handcraft the first lantern. Other ones were made and enshrined to celebrate the festival’s 30th and 35th anniversary. Currently, these lanterns are the symbols of the festival.

Things to Do and See


During the festival, you will hear the music that local people perform using taiko drums and flutes. They play traditional Japanese instruments and the harmony of this music is amazing! Great touch adding to the festive atmosphere.


Bonote or “Hand of Pole” or “Hand of Stick” is a dance based on Japanese martial arts drills. People perform it to enshrine the sacred long stick “Bou”. And they do some Japanese dancing before enshrining it.

900 Fireworks

Please do not miss 900 fireworks will at the end of the festival, on Sunday night. The colors look even more beautiful with the lanterns at the venue.


Yatai, or festival food stalls, are an indispensable part of any Japanese matsuri. At Miyoshi Inari Shrine Giant Lantern Festival, you will notice over 100 food stalls with a variety of festival treats!

About the Big Lanterns

The first lantern (1927)
Height: 10.6m (6.5m in diameter)
Weight: 1250kg

The lantern for the 30th anniversary
Height: 11.0m (6.5m in diameter)
Weight: 1250kg

Details and Access

Dates: third Saturday and Sunday of August annually. August 17th – 18th, 2019 (estimated). Please check the dates on the official website close to the festival dates.
Brief schedule:

-August 17th
5:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm

-August 18th
10:00 am ~ 9:30 pm
Ohayash and Bonote will be in the morning.
Fireworks are between 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm.
Place: Miyoshi Inarikaku Shrine and Manpukuji Temple
Address: 5 Hachigaike, Miyoshi-cho, Miyoshi-City, Aichi Prefecture
Official website (Japanese only):
By car: There is a parking space for 1000 cars. However, around 60,000 people are going to join. The city might restrict the number of cars coming into the area since there are some other big festivals going on the same day.
By bus: 20 minutes by bus from subway Tsurumai Line Akaike Station, Miyoshi bus stop

Closing Remarks

In fact, this area is famous for its summer festivals. When you visit Miyoshi for its summer festivals, I suggest you wear yukata to enjoy it at fullest. I am sure that the breathtaking scene with giant lanterns will leave you great memories of your trip to Japan!

If you would like to see this amazing matsuri =and explore Aichi prefecture together with a friendly local guide, please check the banner below!

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