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紅葉狩り(Momijigari) is the traditional Japanese pastime of viewing red leaves, it means literally “maple hunting”. Just like 花見(Hanami) which is Cherry blossom viewing, not only tourists but also many Japanese are visiting some spots to see maple trees and feel autumn. In this article, I will introduce one of a great spot, 油山市民の森(Aburayama Shimin no mori park) to go for Momijigari in Fukuoka city.

Matsuri Breakdown:

Aburayama Shimin no mori is a park for citizens, located at the eastern middle of Mt. Aburayama in Fukuoka city. There are wild birds and plants in around 90 hectares of land, we can see the beautiful nature just an hour’s drive away from city centre.


There are not only a playground, also camping area, hiking trails, athletic  field and grass skiing activities. Some workshops for making postcards and wooden toys are also opened frequently.


If you plan to see full of red leaves, we recommend to go there early November. However, from kids to elder people, everyone can have a good time there throughout the year.

Things to Do and See:

There is a hiking trail to walk around the park for 3.4km, it takes just an hour. While on the way, we can get to some nice spots to see momiji as below.

-紅葉谷(Momiji dani)

Momiji dani, Momiji valley is the best place to see Momiji in this park. It would be nice to look down the valley from a suspension bridge. The bridge measures 52 meters long, and is 2 meters wide and arches 30 meters high over the valley. It looks beautiful to be colored in red just like color of momiji, but you might be thrilled when you cross the bridge because it is shakes  a bit! From the bridge, you can see the glorious landscape of about 670 maples trees colored in red . Don’t forget to take some pictures with full of Momiji!

-中央展望台(Central observatory)

If you want to see both Momiji and view of Fukuoka city, I recommend to go to the central observatory located at 347 meters elevation. You can enjoy the view of city, Hakata bay with momiji. It is also well known as night view spot.

Details and Access:

If you plan to go to the park, the easiest way must be vehicles. There is parking area and the fee is 300 yen per day.
When you want to use public transportation, take bus bound for Katae/Hirabu Eigyosho from No.113 or 13 stop in Tenjin or Hakata. It takes about 50 minutes. After you get off the bus at Aburayama danchi-guchi, nearest bus stop from the park, you have to walk for an hour. You might be better to use a taxi from the bus stop, it takes around 10 minutes, 1,500 yen.


However, there are temporary buses from Fukudai-mae subway station to the park between March and  November. Although the buses run only on Sunday and national holiday, they bring you to the entrance of the park. There are few buses in a day, should be recommend to check the bus schedule on Nishitetsu bus website.

Other Things to Do in Fukuoka city:

Aburayama Farm

Next to the park,  there is Aburayama farm 20 minutes walk away. You can have experience such as riding a horse, feeding and milking cows. As same as the park, the farm is also good place to feel nature in the city.

Closing Remarks:

It is nice to go on picnic there, but there is no restaurant or cafe. Don’t forget to bring foods and drinks before getting there!If you need any guides to take you around the festival and show you even more things to do in the area, check below.

Fore those who wants to enjoy autumn leaves…

You probably know that autumn with its colorful leaves scenes is as popular emong tourists and locals as spring with its cherry blossoms. Momiji or enjoying autumn leaves is an indispendable part of Japanese culture. I hope this article raised your interest in Japanese autumn. And the following one picked top 12 best places and events to enjoy colorful autumn leaves!
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