Nagasaki Nomozagi Narcissuses Festival – Feel the Spring Flowers in Winter



Nomozagi Narcissuses Festival is an exciting event in Nagasaki Prefecture. This festival is a flower festival but it takes place in January. So, you can see these beautiful spring flowers in a winter season. At this festival, sweet smell and refreshing atmosphere make you feel relaxed. In fact, Nomozaki park with Narcissuses is selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the most fragrant places in Japan. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Nomozaki Narcissuses Festival and tell you how to enjoy this festival.


Narcissus is a spring flower which is a symbol of hope. Narcissus is so beautiful that Chinese people think of it as a mountain wizard who floats on the surface of the rake. In the past, the atomic bomb hit Nagasaki city. Considering it, with the fact that narcissuses grow in this region is very symbolic. At this festival, you can see over 10 million narcissuses, which gives you a lot of impacts.


This landscape is selected as one of the most fragrant places in Japan. As you can see in the pictures, the harmony between clouds, ocean, and narcissus will impress you. Nearby Nobozaki park, you can see Gunkan island. The island is one of the world heritages in Japan. It was a coal mine before. You probably think that you will see nothing except a coal mine. However, if you can visit it, you will get excited by its oldness because it had been in use since 1810.

Local Food

Nagasaki champon is a noodle topped with starchy sauce. It also includes a lot of vegetables and seafood. So, it is very nutritious. Cooks invented this dish in order to supply exchange students with nutritious food at a low price. So, you can eat champon easily.

Sponge cake is one of the most popular desserts in Nagasaki. Now it is sold everywhere in Japan. However, you could eat it only in Nagasaki around 1900. It is made of eggs and sugar. In addition, on the surface of it, there is a lot of sugar. If you like sweets, I am sure that you are into it.

Hot Springs

Some people hesitate to visit this festival because of the cold temperature. But it is not a big problem. Nagasaki is in the south of Japan. So, it is not cold in winter. Even though you feel cold, you can visit hot springs near the park.

Details and Access

Dates: January 7th- 27th. *Held annually on the 7th & 27th of January
Place: Village of Narcissuses (水仙の里)
International Reception and Info: Nomozaki narcissuses Festival pamphlet available in Japanese and English.
Home Page (Japanese only):

Address: 573 Nomo, Nagasaki, Nagasaki

Access to Village of Narcissuses


From JR Nagasaki station 50 min.

By Walk 

From Undou Kouen Mae bus stop 1 min.


From Nagasaki line Nagasaki IC 40 min.
Parking lots are available.


Closing Remarks

In your daily life, you may be tired due to work, household activities, and so on. Please join Nomozaki Narcissus Festival to remove your stress. Not only beautiful narcissuses but also other sports activity in the Village of Narcissuses (EX tennis, hiking… ) will make you excited. Never miss an opportunity to visit this unique matsuri as it is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

The local guides are here to help! If you need any help and would like a local guide to tell you more about Nomozaki Narcissus Festival or even more, please check the banner below! It is always better to know someone local on such a big and famous event as Nomozaki Narcissus Festival.

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