Nagasaki Peron Festival – A Traditional and Stimulating Boat Race



Have you heard of Nagasaki Peron Festival? It is the most exciting and traditional boat race in Japan. If you are a big fan of boat racing and sea freeze, this festival is the one for you to go! Nagasaki Peron is one of the most famous events in Nagasaki Prefecture. At the festival, you can not only enjoy it’s livelily but also try how it is like to be on Peron. Are you getting curious about this festival?
Let me explain significant features of Nagasaki Person Festival in details for you.

The History of Nagasaki Peron Festival

Nagasaki Peron Festival is a traditional event that began 360 years ago. Historically, Nagasaki has strong ties with China through trading. Due to this historical background, there were many Chinese living in Nagasaki in the Edo period. In 1655, the big storm hit Nagasaki and caused extensive damage to the city. And the storm destroyed many Tosen (Chinese ships) anchored at the port as well. Chinese people who resided in Nagasaki back then started boat racing to appease the anger of the sea god. This is how Nagasaki Peron Festival started. Nagasaki usually holds this festival at the end of July every year.

What is “Peron”?

The word Peron originates from the Chinese language. It means `White Dragon` or `Wyvern.` Peron is a Japanese boat specially designed for the Person Festival. Each boat is thin and 14 meters long. It can accommodate around 30 people, including benchers, commander, and helmsman as a team. They compete with each other on the ocean. You will be surprised how fast they go without an engine.

About Peron Festival

Nagasaki Port is the main venue for Nagasaki Peron Festival. In 2018, 48 teams were participating in the race with the rhythm of drums during this two days Festival. On the first day, you can see the teams of business persons, junior high school students, and women who are competing with each other. And 19 winners of preliminary will be racing on the second day of the Festival.

Let’s Try Peron!

Unfortunately, you cannot participate in the racing. But do not get disappointed! You can try Peron during lunchtime session from 12:00 p.m. to 12:40 p.m. at the site. Please inquire and register yourself at the venue on the spot. You will get splashes of water, so don’t forget to put on the light clothes if you plan on trying the Peron. Here is the video on How to crew Peron

What Else Can You Do During the Festival?

If you want a close look at Peron festival, there is a pleasure boat to get on. The pleasure boat will be cruising together with Peron during the race. A good thing about watching the race from the pleasure boat is that you can enjoy race being right in the middle of the action. At the same time, you can feel the fresh sea breeze on your cheeks. How nice is that?

Also, there are several tourist spots which you can visit within 5 minutes walk from the venue. Glover Garden is the number one place to go among all tourist spot. It is a 30,000 square meters garden that has historical Western-style wooden houses. You can explore the unique history of Nagasaki there.

Basic Information

Dates: July.28 (Sat) and July.29 (Sun) in 2018 for two days. Usually, the event is held annually at the end of June or at the beginning of July.

Schedule and Place:


July. 28(Sat) at Nagasaki Port (Nagasaki Seaside Park)

9:00a.m. -9:30a.m. Opening Ceremony
9:45a.m. -9:50a.m. Ocean Parade
10:00a.m.-3:10p.m. Peron Race
3:30p.m.-3:50p.m. Closing Ceremony
8:30p.m.- Fireworks

July.29 (Sun) at Nagasaki Port (Nagasaki Seaside Park)

9:00a.m. -9:30a.m. Opening Ceremony
9:45a.m. -9:50a.m. Ocean Parade
10:00a.m.-1:50p.m. Peron Race
2:15p.m.-2:45p.m. Closing Ceremony
8:30p.m.- Fireworks


Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association
Tel: 095-823-7423


Tram: 3minutes walk from Oura Kaigan Dori station
JR: 25minutes walk from Nagasaki Station
Bus: 1minutes walk from Glover Garden Entrance stop
*There are no parking spots around the venue. Please use public transportation.

Closing Remarks

Nagasaki Peron Festival is one of the traditional yet stimulative summer events in Nagasaki. People in Nagasaki are looking forward to this once a year festival and prepare for the festival half a year ahead. You can tell how much Nagasaki people are at this festival. There will be many people from all over Japan visiting this event. You can enjoy the boat race, and it’s a lively atmosphere!

There is one thing that I have to warn you about. Japanese summer is very hot and humid. Please do not forget to bring sunscreen and a hat. You have to be careful with heatstroke. I hope this article intrigues you enough to visit Nagasaki. If you want to find out more about this festival and get to know locals before your trip, click on Huber. banner. It will make your trip more rewarding!

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