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When you are tired of hectic life in the city, you probably would like to go see the nature. In spring, many people go and see cherry blossoms in Japan. As you already know, there are tons of events or festivals related to sakura in Japan. Even though shops, food courts, and events provide you with a great time, you may just wander around and enjoy seeing the blossoms. In addition,, do you have an interest in Japanese culture? If you would like to see them both, Shirakimine Kogen will bring you a great opportunity to see the cherry blossoms while making it vivid how much Japanese people like doing that.

The Origin

The feature of the park is a high hill in the middle, where the cherry blossoms add to the place a lot of pink in spring. Besides, you can enjoy the view of the Ariake sea and Unzen. Although the field with approximately 100,000 plants of mustard in spring is more famous in the park, you will have a wonderful time seeing cherry blossoms as well.

Festival Breakdown

The event is held from the late March through early April in Shirakimine town, Isahaya city, Nagasaki prefecture. The event takes place until the cherry blossoms are over. The cherry trees add the sacred but dynamic atmosphere to the place. Cherry trees have been waiting for you and added pink color to the spot. Thus, it is worth seeing the scene of the pink lanterns and a yellow carpet of mustard in the early April if you have a chance.

Things to Do at the Event

While walking around the hill, you will be astonished at seeing how beautiful the cherry blossoms and field mustards are covering the space. Cherry blossoms add the scared flavor to the spot. Additionally, field mustards add cheerful yellow color to the location. Thus, you will be excited as you probably think that the spring has come. You can just walk around the place to enjoy seeing the nature surrounding the spot and feeling the gentle atmosphere the spring brings you.


You will also feel the place is so fresh since wind from Ariake Sea brings the clean and refreshing air.
At this plateau, you will see people having a cozy time: some people may just walk around and look at the trees, while others concentrate on staying in one place and taking pictures. As the location is so beautiful, you may feel like to take pictures too. If so, don’t hesitate to do it, or you might miss the best shot!

Details and Access

Dates: from late March to early April
Place: In and around Shirakimine Kogen.
Entrance fee: 100 Yen
Home Page (Japanese only): http://www.isahaya-kankou.com/spot?mid=709
Address: Shirakimine Kogen. Shirakimine town, Isahaya city, Nagasaki


For Shirakimine Kogen

From JR Kyushu line Isahaya station about 20 min. drive
Parking lots are available. <300 Yen>

Closing Remarks

Even though people like to take part in activities and festivals, sometimes you may feel like you want to see the nature. In addition, this event let you know how beautiful cherry blossoms are and how magnificent a Japanese plateau can be. When you visit Nagasaki in spring, don’t miss an excellent opportunity to visit this area as it is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Enjoy Sakura in Japan!

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