Nanso Satomi Festival in Chiba: Samurai’s exciting battle at a festival



Do you want to see the Samurai’s exciting battle at a festival? In Tateyama city, Chiba prefecture, there is an annual festival called “南総里見まつり(Nanso Satomi Matsuri)” which recreates Japanese famouse epic novel, “南総里見八犬伝(Nanso Satomi Hakkenden)”. In this article, I will introduce the interesting festival held in Boso peninsula.

Matsuri Breakdown:

“Nanso Satomi Hakkenden” is a famous epic novel in 106 volumes written by Kyokutei Bakin in the late Edo period. It is said that the author, Bakin had finished writing it up even though he lost his eyesight, and it took 28 years to be all done.

The title of the novel means “The tales of eight dog-samurai” in English, and the story is about both Fuse-hime, a daughter of clan of Satomi who was Sengoku era military commander, who predominated Awanokuni (present Tateyama city) about 500 years ago, and the eight samurai called “Hakken-shi” bearing the word “dog” in their surnames. Their adventures with themes of loyalty, family honor and bushido have been popular for a long time, you can find some movies and dramas in Japan. In Nanso Satomi Matsuri, you can see the parades and short dramas in the motif of the novel.

Things To Do and See:

There are a lot of events to see at this festival. Don’t miss the following things to enjoy the moment!

Musha gyoretsu (Samurai procession)

After an opening ceremony, you are allowed to see the Samurai procession on streets. Around 200 samurai start walking from Tateyama station to Kagamigaura street. The procession consists of Fuse-hime, Hakke-shi and samurai wearing armor. Although a samurai procession is held at festivals all in Japan, it is quite rare to see such a long procession.

Sengoku Kassen Emaki (The demonstration of battles)

Go to the Hojo beach after seeing the samurai procession! There are demonstrations of battles reappears on illustrated handscroll of battles. The actors are chosen from not only local people, also professional actors who are good with action scenes. They are acting by using real matchlock guns, spears and swords. It is so intense that you will feel as if you are watching a short movie at the beach.

Mikoshi parade

There is a parade moves from Tateyama station to Shiroyama park and is adorned with floats and Mikoshi shrines. As there are some shrines in Tateyama city, I recommend to enjoy seeing the beautiful floats from each shrine and find the differences of them. They move forward slowly so you are allowed to take your time to take photos!


You can’t go back home without seeing the collaboration of fireworks and parades! It is perfect for finale of the festival and to see the fantastic scenery illuminated by the fireworks. You also can indulge some local foods in food stalls.

Details and Access:

The festival is held on the third Sunday of October every year.

If you go to Tateyama station from Chiba station, take the JR train bound for Tateyama station. It takes about 1 hour 50 minutes. There are also buses from Chiba station to Tateyama station, but the travel time and the fare are almost same as train.

Other Things to Do:

There is the Hojo beach 3 minutes away from Tateyama station. It is famous as one of the best spot to see sunset in Japan. Marine sports such as yachts and windsurfing are popular, and you can see the beautiful Mt. Fuji on a clear day. It must be perfect for watching the sun going down slowly to the west coast beach.

Closing Remarks:

I think you can enjoy both day and night in the festival. Why don’t you immerse yourself in the world of an old epic novel this autumn? If you need any guides to take you around the festival and show you even more things to do in the area, check below!

For those interested in Matsuri…

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and it made you want to visit the Nanso Satomi Festival !
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Don`t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

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