Nara Wind Chime Festival: You can maybe feel cool with the sound



The summer in Japan is really hot and very humid but if you visit this festival, you can maybe feel cool with the sound of wind chimes.

Matsuri (Festival) Breakdown:

This festival started in 2003.
It is held from the 1st of July to the 31st of August.

Things to do and see:

On the ground of Ofusa Kannon 3800 roses are planted.
So you can see both things, roses arches and wind chimes here.

During this festival 2500 wind chimes from all over Japan are hung on the ground of Ofusa Kannon.
(official name is Koyasan Shingoniste Bekkaku Honzan Kannon Shrine.)

At this festival there are spot sales. You can enjoy eating, buying and

During the Wind chime festival Ofusa Kannon summer festival is held on the 17th of July.

It is free to go around on the ground of Ofusa Kannon.

Open : from 7 am to 4:30 pm (closes at 5 pm)

How to access:

JR Unebi Station 8 min. to walk
Kintetsu line Yagi Nishiguti Station 13 min walk
Kintetsu line Unebi Goryoumae Station 14 min walk
Community bus Kashihara Manyou hall 5 min walk

Closing remarks:

The closer you come to Ofusa Kannon, the clearer you hear the cool sound of wind chimes.
You will be overwhelmed by summer wind chimes festival.


Get off the nearest station of Ofusa Kannon and walk to the shrine.


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