Numata Matsuri – Historical Festival with Giant Tengu Mikoshi in Gunma



Numata Matsuri is one of the major festivals of Numata city in Gunma prefecture. About 200,000 citizens and visitors enjoy it every year. If you like Japanese culture and festivals, I think this festival will satisfy your curiosity as it is a typical Japanese matsuri with extraordinary festival floats and portable shrines.

Festival Background

Originally, this festival consisted of two individual events. One is Gion Matsuri which took place in the Edo period, and another one is Numata Matsuri Shokosai (Numata festival of commerce and industry). So, Numata festival has a long history, and the citizens love it. From the very beginning, this festival has been called Ogyon (おぎょん) which also means Gion.

Every year, more than two hundred thousand people enjoy this festival. The main events of this festival are Mikoshi parade – Mikoshitogyo (神輿渡御), a procession of floats – Mando (まんど), Tengu Mikoshi which is Mikoshi parade performed by only women, and a big dance event – Sennin Odori (千人踊り). I would like to tell you about these events.


Mikoshitogyo is a parade of Mikoshi to pray for good luck of the visitors. At the time of Numata festival, the streets in the downtown of Numta city will become a pedestrian area. Thus, the portable shrines will come to the streets from the traditional shrines of the neighborhood. These shrines are related to this festival, so if you have interested in history, please do not miss the parade.

Mando Procession

Mando is special festival floats that parade down the streets at this festival. The floats are lavishly decorated, so they look glamorous and graceful. Japanese festival floats are too heavy to be shouldered by a small group, so it needs a lot of people to carry it. This event takes place in the evening so you can enjoy a fantastic Japanese local scenery at night.

Tengu Mikoshi

Tengu is a Japanese long-nosed goblin with big eyes and bright red skin. Two large masks of Tengu move through the streets of Numata city only on the shoulders of women. These portable shrines weight over 400 kilograms each. In Numata city, there is a sacred mountain of Tengu, so the historical and traditional roots of this event come from it. The reason why only women can carry the Tengu Mikoshi is to wish for the safety of their families. Tengu Mikoshi is one of the most famous events of this festival, so the visitors come from all over the country to see this extraordinary Tengu portable shrine. If you are a lady who is curious about Japanese traditional festivals and culture, you can join the group of carriers as well.

Sennin Odori

Sennin means one thousand people and Odori means dance in Japanese. So, as you can notice, this event is a big dance event where a lot of dancers perform their moves. At this event, you can enjoy not only watching the dance but also joining it. Basically, anyone can join the dance event. However, I recommend you check the way how to join this event on the official website.

Details and Access

Dates: August 3rd -5th annually
Place: downtown of Numata city
Address: Nishikurauchimachi, Numata-shi, Gunma
Official Website (Japanese only):
Access: 15 minutes’ walk from JR Numata Station

Closing Remarks

Numata Matsuri is a festival on a big scale. Thus, you will be able to see many kinds of events. In addition, there are many events that visitors can join. This will definitely make you feel a real Japanese festive atmosphere from them. Please come to Gunma and enjoy a traditional Japanese festival!

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