Kansai and Osaka Cherry Blossoms Spots and Sakura Festivals to Feel the Spring!




Spring is finally here! In Japan, many people enjoy seeing beautiful Sakura at an event which we call “Hanami”. In this article, I would like to introduce the best Osaka cherry blossoms spots to enjoy Sakura at its best! Also, I would like to introduce some famous Sakura spots around the Kansai area (around Osaka)! If you’re planning to visit Osaka this spring, please check it out!


What is Hanami Like?

Best Hanami Spots in Osaka

1. Kawasaki Bridge
2. Kema Sakuranomiya Park
3. Osaka Castle
4. Osaka Mint Bureau
5. Expo ’70 Commemorative Park
6. Yamanakadani Valley
7. Kishiwada Castle

Other Hanami Spots around Kansai Area

8. Nara Park and Todaiji Temple – Nara Prefecture
9. Uji Bridge and Ise Grand Shrine – Mie Prefecture
10. Hikone Castle – Shiga Prefecture


-What is the Weather in Japan in Spring?

-What to Bring to Enjoy Hanami Party?

Closing Remarks

What is Hanami Like?

Hanami is an event where people enjoy watching cherry blossoms. Japanese people usually have food and drinks while looking at the blooming cherry trees, like a picnic. This event is very popular in Japan during spring because cherry blossoms, which Japanese call ‘Sakura’, are in full bloom and this event has long and traditional roots.
Osaka is the tourist hot-spot of Western Japan. The best time to see the cherry blossoms is around the end of March or the beginning of April. If you want to see the beautiful Sakura yourself, look at this article and pick your to-be favorite place for Hanami in Osaka!

Best Hanami Spots in Osaka

1. Kawasaki Bridge

Kawasaki Bridge is one of the famous Hanami spots in Osaka, and many tourists visit it to relax and enjoy seeing beautiful blooming cherry trees every spring! It is a great place to see the lovely scenery of Kawasaki bridge, cherry blossoms, and Okawa river at the same time! Around the river, there are various food and drink stalls, so get something there and admire the Sakura and the view on the bridge with other Japanese who came to Hanami. If you want to know more about it, please check the article below.
URL: https://festivalgo.huber-japan.com/events/events/osaka-cherry-blossom-spots-kawasaki-bridge

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March – Mid April
Place: Kawasaki bridge
Address: 1 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka through Amijimacho, Miyakojima-ku
Official website (Japanese Only):  http://www.city.osaka.lg.jp/kensetsu/page/0000016727.html
Access: 7-minute walk from Temmabashi Station on the Keihan Mainline

2. Kema Sakuranomiya Park

Kema Sakuranomiya Park is a river park that lies on the benches of Okawa river and uses a riverbed from Keumaarai to Tenman rivers. It is famous for one of the popular Hanami spots where you can enjoy seeing a beautiful view of cherry blossoms and the river at the same time! About 4,700 cherry trees cover the river banks in pastel pink every spring. If you want to know more about it, please check the article below.
URL: https://festivalgo.huber-japan.com/events/events/osaka-cherry-blossom-festival-kemasakuranomiya-park

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March – Mid April
Place: Kema Sakuranomiya Park
Address:  Nakano town block 1, Miyakozima district, Osaka city ,Osaka Prefecture
Official website (Japanese Only): http://www.osakapark.osgf.or.jp/kema_sakuranomiya/
Access: 5-minute walk from 「Sakuranomiya Station」 on the JR Loop (Kanzyou) Line
5-minute walk from Keihan「Tenmanbashi」station on the Subway Tanimachi line
5-minute walk from「Osakazyoukitazume」station on the JR Touzai line

3. Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park is a famous tourist spot in Osaka, and also it is famous as a popular Hanami spot! You can see 3,000 cherry trees in the Nishinomaru garden which is the best and the most popular cherry blossoms area in the castle. During the Hanami season, this garden opens until late, so you can enjoy the view of the castle at night! If you love taking photos, don’t forget to bring your camera! If you want to know more about it, please check the article below.
URL: https://festivalgo.huber-japan.com/events/events/cherry-blossoms-osaka-castle

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March – Early April
Place: Osaka Castle
Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka city , Osaka Prefecture
Official website: https://www.osakacastle.net/english/
Access: There are many ways to access to Osaka Castle.
The closest station is Tanimachi 4-chome Station along the Tanimachi Subway Line and Chuo Subway Line. If you`ll use JR Line, the nearest JR station to Osaka Castle is Osakajo-koen Station on the JR Loop (kanzyou)Line

4. Osaka Mint Bureau

There are many famous Hanami spots around Osaka, but the Osaka Mint Bureau is one of the most popular ones in spring every year. You can see more than 350 cherry trees of about 130 varieties. Here you will witness rare species, especially the flower called “Yaezakura”! Compared to “Someiyoshino” (famous cherry tree species in Japan), the start of “Yaezakura” bloom is one week later. So, the best time to visit will be around mid of April. If you want to know more about it, please check the article below.
URL: https://festivalgo.huber-japan.com/events/events/zouheikyoku-sakura-toorinukewriter-takekosan

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Mid-April every year
Place: Osaka Mint Bureau
Address: 1- 79, Temma, Kita-ku, Osaka
Official website: https://www.mint.go.jp/enjoy-eng/sakura-eng/eng-viewing-intro.html
Access: 15 minutes’ walk from Tenmabashi Station on the Tanimachi line or Keihan line.
15 minutes’ walk from Osaka Tenmangu Station or Osakajo Kitazume Station on the JR Tozai line

5. Expo ’70 Commemorative Park

Image courtesy of Art Huang

The Expo `70 Commemorative Park is the place where the Japan World Exposition took place in 1970. You will notice a tall statue – the Tower of the Sun which is the symbol of the Japan World Exposition and Osaka. Taro Okamoto, a famous Japanese artist, is the creator of this piece of art. In the spring season, you can see more than 5,500 cherry trees in fool bloom at this park! It is also a favorite picnic place. So, in spring, the park becomes lively with many people having a Hanami party with lunch boxes and soft alcohol beverages! When you visit here, how about having lunch with your family and friends?

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March-Early April
Place: Expo `70 Commemorative Park
Address: Osaka, Suita, Senribampaku-koen 1-1
Official website: https://www.expo70-park.jp/languages/english/
Access: Direct from Banpaku- Kinen- Koe Station by Osaka Monorail

6. Yamanakadani Valley

Image courtesy of tetuwo181

Yamanakadani Valley is also famous for cherry blossoms in Osaka. Besides, I highly recommend this place to the people who have an interest in trains. There is a beautiful cherry blossoms tunnel on the railway tracks near Yamanakadani station. I am sure, you will enjoy seeing trains and the great view of cherry blossoms at the same time!

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March-Mid April
Place: Yamanakdani Valley
Address:  Yamanakadani, Hannan, Osaka
Official website (Japanese Only): http://www.city.hannan.lg.jp/kakuka/shimin/mkatsu/spot/sakura.html
Access: Direct from Yamanakadani Station by JR Hanawa Line

7. Kishiwada Castle

Image courtesy of Kishiwada City

Kishiwada Castle is not as popular if you compare it with Osaka Castle. So, if you want to avoid crowds but still want to see cherry blossoms, it would become a perfect spot! Enjoy seeing 170 cherry trees in full bloom around the castle! This castle is smaller than Osaka castle, but if you want to avoid the crowds and have a relaxing time, please visit here!

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March-Early April
Place: Kishiwada Castle
Address: Kishikicho 9-1, Kishiwada, Osaka
Official website (Japanese only): http://www.city.kishiwada.osaka.jp/soshiki/36/kishiwadajyo.html
Access: 7-minute walk from Takojizo Station (Nankai Main Line)

Other Hanami Spots around Kansai Area

8. Nara Park – Nara Prefecture

Nara Park is the largest park in Nara Prefecture and is a famous tourist spot. It boasts a few world heritage sites, such as Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Shrine. In this park, you will see many deers and shops that sell deer snacks. This makes this park one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nara. In spring, you must see the beautiful view of cherry blossoms. It is especially great to visit here at night when the cherry blossoms feature night illumination! If you want to know more about it, please check the article below.
URL: https://festivalgo.huber-japan.com/events/events/cherry-blossom-viewing-nara-park-todaiji-temple

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March-Early April
Place: Nara Park
Address: 30 Noborioji-cho, Nara City
Official website: http://nara-park.com/en/
Access: Nara Park – 5 minutes on foot from Kintestu Nara Station and 20 minutes on foot from JR Nara Station

9. Uji Bridge and Ise Grand Shrine – Mie Prefecture

Almost all Japanese people know Ise Grad Shrine! And when you visit this shrine, all people will cross the Uji bridge. Of course, you can see cherry blossoms at Ise Grand Shrine. However, seeing Sakura from the Uji Bridge is the most exciting! This spot is the best in Mie prefecture, and it on “100 beautiful cherry blossoms spots in Japan” list! If you want to avoid visiting big cities as Kyoto or Osaka, maybe it will be a good idea to visit Ise Grand Shrine! If you want to know more about it, please check the article below.
URL: https://festivalgo.huber-japan.com/events/events/cherry-blossoms-at-uji-bridge

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Late March-Early April
Place: Ise Grand Shrine
Address: 1, Ujitachi-cho, Ise city , Mie Prefecture
Official website: https://www.isejingu.or.jp/en/index.html
・Nearest bus stop to Naigu is “Naigu Mae”
・20 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Line Ujiyamada station
・20 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Line Ise-shi station

10. Hikone Castle – Shiga Prefecture

There are many castles in Japan, but Hikone castle is one of the popular ones in Japan! Thus, it is a famous tourist spot in Shiga Prefecture that boasts its mesmerizing cherry blossoms scenery. In spring, around 1200 cherry trees start blooming in the precincts of the castle. In Hikone castle, the cherry blossoms beautiful during the daytime. On the other hand, they change its look at night, and you will definitely enjoy them differently. The light up event lasts for a few hours during the festival starting from 6 pm and finishing at 9 pm. So, it will be great to visit during the festival which is between April 1st and 20th! If you want to know more about it, please check the article below.

URL: https://festivalgo.huber-japan.com/events/events/sakura-festival-hikone-castle-2019-capture-perfect-japanese-spring

Details and Access

Best time to visit (Start of bloom): Early April – Mid April
Place: Hikone castle
Address: 1-1 Konkicho, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture
Official website (Japanese only): http://www.city.hikone.shiga.jp/0000004311.html
Access: 15 minutes’ walk from JR Hikone station


What is the Weather in Japan in Spring?

When you travel to another country, you will probably worry about the weather there. For those people who want to learn about the weather in spring in Japan, I would like to explain it.
Around March, there are mostly cold days, so you probably need a jacket to bring. The average temperature in the afternoon is around 13 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius during morning and night.
In April, there are plenty of sunny days with a clear sky. The average temperature in the afternoon is around 23 degrees Celsius, and decrease to 15 degrees Celsius during morning and night.
In May, during the afternoons it will be around 23 degrees Celsius, while in the evenings and mornings temperature decreases to 15 degrees.

In Japan, spring is a perfect season to go outside because the weather is usually good. However, if you are planning to visit Japan at the end of May, you should bring an umbrella. In Japan, there is a season called “Tsuyu,” which means rainy season. It starts from the end of May to the beginning of June.

What to Bring to Enjoy Hanami Party?

The most important things you need to bring is something you can sit on. Most of the Japanese bring a big picnic sheet to sit with many people.

Also, you need something to eat and drink, such as snacks, sandwiches, and alcohol. Plastic plates, forks, and cups are also useful as well. In Japan, most of the families bring lunch boxes and something to play (baseball, soccer ball) to enjoy Hanami. In Yoyogi Park, there is a store to buy balls and everything to enjoy in the park. Also, there is a huge field to play with your friends and children. It will become a great time for you for sure!


Closing Remarks

Did you like reading this article? Did it make you want to visit Osaka and see cherry blossoms?
In Japan, there are many spots for cherry blossoms so it might be hard to choose the one to visit. I hope this article helped you to make your travel plans easier! If you want to know more about Japan and want to visit these places with friendly local people, please check the banner below!

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Enjoy Sakura in Japan!

Cherry blossoms are an essential part of Japanese culture. And, viewing cherry blossoms (Hanami) is very popular in Japan during the spring. This is because cherry blossoms, which the Japanese call “Sakura” are stunning at this season.

If you are planning to visit Japan this spring and want to discover more cherry blossoms spots in Kyoto area, please check the following article. It’s covering the best Hanami spots in the old capital and provides you with the essential information, so you can get the most from your Sakura trip!

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Kyoto has many beautiful spots to see Cherry blossoms. However, other areas also have excellent places for hanami. Tokyo features many of those spots as well! If you are in Tokyo around spring and looking for a place to see cherry blossoms, Why don’t you check the following article?

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Don’t Stay Hungry at the Festival!

Image courtesy of Tomomarusan

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