Have you heard of Sumiyoshi Shrine? There are 2300 Sumiyoshi Shrines throughout of Japan and Osaka Sumiyoshi Taisha is the top of Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan.

Matsuri (Festival) Breakdown:

Sumiyoshi Taisha enshrines following Sumiyoshi Taijins (Gods): Sototsutsu no Onomikoto, Nakatsutsu no onomikoto, Uwatsutsu no onomikoto and Okinagatarashihime no Mikoto ( Empress Jingu). Sumiyoshi Matsuri is the most important Shinto ritual of the year. This ceremony has been held for 1800 years .

Things to do and see:

This festival begins on Marine Day, (a national holiday which is on the third Monday in July every year ) . After a gap, the ceremony goes on from the 30th of July to the 1st August.

1.Mikoshi arai ceremony

Marine Day

This is the Mikoshi (portable shrine) Washing Ceremony day.
They walk around with the Mikoshi to Sumiyoshi park where the Mikoshi will be purified with seawater. In the past that had been the place, where Sumiyoshi beach had been until construction for an artificial island began. Nowardays, the sea water is being carried from Osaka bay.

2. Evening ceremony

Begins on 30. July at 8 pm
This day the soul of God will be transferred to Mikoshi.
People can see the whole procedure of this ceremony including how the prayer works.

3. Reitaisai (regularly held ceremony)

Begins on the 31st of July at 5 pm
At this ceremony you will see the women and children who are dressed up in Kimono go through three thatch rings in order to get their bodies and mind purified and to obtain protection from evil.

4. Mikoshi Togyo

Begins on the 1st August from around 3 pm

Mikoshi (portable shrine) with soul of God will be carried through a march heading to Shukuin Tongu in Sakai.
Between Osaka city and Sakai city there is Yamato river and the Mikoshi carriers have to cross this river.

Access to Osaka Sumiyoshi Taisha:

From Namba Station (Nankai line) 9 min to Sumiyoshi- Taisha Station
Sumiyoshi-Taisha Station (Nankai line) 3 min walk

Sumiyoshi-Higashi Station (Nankai Koya line) 5 min walk

Closing remarks:

On these days there are a lot of street stalls for play and for food on the Shrine ground.
The festival is traditional and mysterious. People can see another side of Osaka.


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